Composable Commerce & DXP insights

Access recordings and interviews from an exclusive composable commerce & DXP event. You'll learn from front-running digital agencies, technology providers, and businesses which continuously work to deliver future-fit composable solutions without compromise.

Exclusive composable commerce & DXP insights

On October 18, keynotes from leading digital agencies gathered in London to cover the breadth and depth of composable commerce & DXP. In the event that we co-hosted with Umbraco, speakers shared insights about evaluating your readiness for composable and how do you start; creating future-fit composable solutions without compromises; building business-centric composable DXP; product data in composable solution; how DAM drives seamless commerce experience; video in commerce.

You can get access to interviews and recordings of our event partners: Umbraco, CTI digital, Bynder, Pimberly, Reading Room, British Safety Council, Pentia, and TwentyThree.


Composable commerce & DXP: in short

Before you dive into full recordings, find interviews where industry experts share sharp insights about composable DXP. 

You can hear Claudene Kidd, Channel Manager EMEA @ Bynder, sharing insights on the number of connectors Bynder has and how the company is maintaining those technologies.

Steve GaleGroup Commercial Director @ CTI Digital, answers how clients utilize CTI digital when evaluating different technologies, and what flips client's minds when it comes to composable.

Steve Ward, Director of IT @ British Safety Council, elaborates on a composable choice instead of an out-of-the-box solution, and why the company chose Ucommerce and Umbraco.

In this part, Thomas Eldblom, CTO & Partner @ Pentia, shares what to do with the existing monolithic solution and whether you have to go big band and explode the current solution.

Thomas Eldblom elaborates on creating a new digital platform and whether you have to start from scratch and create a parallel composable platform.

Finally, Thomas Eldblom answers what is a central system in the composable DXP, when you are hooked on composable concepts and architects are developing a new way forward.

David Lillington, Managing Director @ Reading Room, answers how the digital agency approaches working with mature organizations that have complex digital needs and shares advice for those who look into composable commerce.

Bruce Wright, VP Sales & Channel @ Pimberly, explains the  'product data' term, and why is it so crucial in a retail strategy, especially when many companies compete to appear number first on Google.

Jesper Lyngbye, VP Tech Partnerships @ Umbraco, shares insights on the biggest change in the Martech landscape in the last 2 years, what's ahead, what influences digital transformation, and the main reasons why the market moves to a composable DXP approach.

Julius Altenburger, Product Manager @ TwentyThree, discusses how webpages change throughout the years, the role of video in this shift, and how video can help enrich e-commerce experience in the future.

Hear first-hand insights from Søren Spelling Lund, CEO & Founder @ Ucommerce, who elaborates on who is composable for, shares his input on why one should do composable solutions and, most importantly – dives into the benefits of going for composable commerce & DXP.

In the second video, Søren Spelling Lund, CEO & Founder @ Ucommerce, shares how he would explain composable to someone without any IT knowledge. Søren also gives real-life examples and alternatives how one could understand composable better.

Next, Søren Spelling Lund overviews the next challenges for composable commerce & DXP. He dives into aspects that some may forget when building composable solutions, and also pain points that one may encounter with/without a composable solution.

Finally, Søren Spelling Lund answers two questions: how do we actually do composable and whether we can do it on our own? He also elaborates on what joint difficulties companies might face and what can potentially await in 10-15 years. 

Explore all the topics by accessing industry experts' talks below

How to be future-fit: Why composable gives BSC scale without compromise

Interview with Steve Ward, Director of IT @ British Safety Council and David Lillington, Managing Director @ Reading Room

British Safety Council needed a solution to deliver better digital services to the UK market. Simultaneously, it had to be a future-fit solution for members and partners across the globe. 

In an interview with British Safety Council and Reading Room, you'll gain insights on building a future-fit solution, asking the right questions & avoiding compromises, why Umbraco and Ucommerce were chosen as a best-of-breed solution and why client-agency relationship matters. 


The business-centric composable DXP

Presented by Thomas Eldblom, CTO @ Pentia

As part of the founding development team of the Sitecore content management platform, Thomas is a digital technologist and evangelist. He has been part of the digital platform industry since its inception. Having consulted organizations such as Toyota, QBE Insurance, Danish Parliament, Volvo Trucks, Danish National Lottery and more, Thomas discusses why a business-centric approach is so vital for success with modern digital platforms, as well as the role of technology in a composable DXP.

This requires a new mindset in IT where business objectives are front-and-centre, and the platforms are composable and agile as opposed to monolithic and feature-driven. Access the recording of Thomas's speech and hear why a business-centric approach is essential for the success of modern platforms.

Are you ready for Composable, and how do you start?

Presented by Steve Gale, Group Commercial Director @ CTI Digital

Rising costs but maximizing investment in technology? Yes! Steve Gale explores how choosing Composable can help and how to start.

Access the recording, where Steve Gale explores the steps in setting out your objectives, auditing what you have and determining what needs to stay, what needs to change and the order of priority.

The role of product data in connecting your composable solution

By Nikki Ratcliffe, VP Marketing @ Pimberly 

As one of the founding members of Pimberly, Nikki has built the Pimberly brand from the ground up. Therefore, she knows that the quality of your product data ultimately determines the quality of your customer experience.

By listening to Nikki's talk, you'll delve into the power of connecting your product data in driving digital success, how easy it can be to do this and myth-bust some common misconceptions about the power of a PIM. Also, expect insights on maximizing ROI, driving employee retention, and setting up your business for the marketplace and international growth.

How Digital Asset Management drives seamless commerce and content experiences

Presented by Claudene Kidd, Channel Manager EMEA @ Bynder

With 13 years in the B2B IT sales industry, Claudene has experience in leveraging the best-of-breed vendors and their consulting partners to obtain ROI via IT infrastructure and business software tools.

Claudene invites you into a strategic and pragmatic exploration about how DAM unites experiences for your composable digital set-up to create and thrive. By accessing the recording, you'll also gain insights into how valuable DAM is in igniting your e-commerce content engine.

How video is changing commerce and how we market

By Julius Altenburger, Product Manager @ TwentyThree

Julius is leading the innovation on TwentyThree’s roadmap to bring exceptional video experiences across website video, webinars and personal video to customers.

By accessing his speech, you'll learn more about creating exceptional digital customer experiences with video marketing, webinars, content marketing, full video funnel and personal video. Strategic and tactical insights included!


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