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Take off with a revamped digital experience and touchdown with a 65% revenue growth. 

Newest blog posts:

Vareo: A MarTech company in various ways

When the tech jungle is hard to navigate, a guide to knowing which way to go is essential. With +15 years of experience, Ucommerce Silver Partner Vareo uses its consultancy expertise to choose the right marketing approach and technology suited for its client's specific situations and goals. Read how Vareo helped Tom Tailor create a digital presence during the pandemic.

Nordlux goes live: A platform to inspire cosy living

Lighting is one of the key elements in creating a visually cosy environment. That’s where Nordlux – a Danish lighting producer comes in: To help people create homey spaces. In 2021, Immeo implemented a PIM & PLM system for Nordlux, and here in 2022 Immeo recommended Ucommerce to drive the B2B shop frontend on top of the previous implementation. Nordlux’s solution shows Ucommerce’s framework-first concept in action. Immeo has chosen to implement the frontend of Ucommerce. This means that building with Ucommerce is like playing with LEGO: Pick needed parts, put them together, and adjust or change them completely.

Powerhouse Partner Toxic: Experts in the digital universe

Toxic has grown from a one-person army and now counts over 20 years of experience building innovative & creative digital customer experiences and technology while challenging the industry with its ability to innovate and outrun even its own creativity continuously - That’s Toxic. The ambitious team behind the ambiguous name is always ready to create extraordinary digital experiences, and since being deeply invested in Umbraco, it was a natural decision to Partner up with Ucommerce.

Powerhouse Partner Alpha Solutions: Great tech goes hand in hand with people

The Copenhagen-based development company continuously focuses on creating solutions that customers benefit from. Therefore, they develop with the question, “How will the customer benefit?”. That’s why the Partnership with Ucommerce serves the core value of Alpha Solutions: to create and modify according to end-customers needs.

Gold Partner Petra: Connecting Hearts & Mind

Petra offers flexible solutions suited for the customer's needs. Petra Agency was awarded Agency of the Year in Sweden in 2022. The company chose to become a Ucommerce Partner while searching for a flexible solution to develop advanced digital architectures with Umbraco and Sitecore CMS.

Infrastructure – Installation – Independence

A month ago, we announced an official start of work on Ucommerce 10. Today, we present a product update & process overview. The article covers three process parts: Infrastructure, Installation, and Independence. Read the article and follow our progress to Ucommerce 10!

Powerhouse Partner Kruso: Robinson Crusoe in the Nordic tech industry

Like Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Ucommerce Powerhouse Kruso explores its expanses by understanding how they can become trendsetters and stay first movers in the web development industry. The company prevents its ship from wrecking on a desert island by building around three Cs: craftsmanship, curiosity, and care.

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