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Success Story: Lambretta Watches

Flexible e-commerce platform with the capacity for additional online shops

Lambretta Watches capture the feeling of freedom, fun and independence that you get from riding a scooter. With Lambretta, you know you’re wearing a unique, stylish and timeless watch. They are perfect for every mood or occasion, always conveying attitude and joy.

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Lambretta Watches is one of several brands owned by Swedish group, Capella Industries AB. A global brand with more than 80 unique designs, all representative of Lambretta's retro, yet modern, twist on the swinging 60s. From formal, classic and elegant to fun and trendy. The Lambretta brand dates back to the famous Italian scooter of the same name, produced between 1947-1971; an icon of its era and popular among the Mods.


The brief for this project was primarily to establish an e-commerce solution for Lambretta Watches, but it would also form the basis for future e-commerce sites for the Capella Industries Group's other brands. There are already three new e-commerce sites in the pipeline.

In addition to the actual online shops and e-commerce solutions, Webmind also provides the Capella Industries team with ongoing strategic advice - for further development of the online shops and to help convert more traffic into sales.

The initial challenge for Capella Industries was that they were working with an existing website that was not yet mobile responsive. Despite steady traffic to the site, conversion to sales was minimal, which resulted in a low turnover from online sales, and a consequent lack of resources for further investment in e-commerce.

We now have a very flexible e-commerce platform that, together with Webmind, we will continue to develop. It is an important part of our digital growth!
Christian Hoffmann
Marketing Manager, Capella Industries AB




Webmind created an online shop for Lambretta Watches, based on Umbraco CMS and Ucommerce module, and established a strategic plan for converting more traffic into sales. They also created a flexible e-commerce platform with the capacity for additional online shops for the Capella Industries group's other brands.


Through right prioritisation and by cost-effectively creating a new, mobile responsive design and interface, based on a flexible platform, Webmind managed to increase conversion into sales. In addition, the new platform has the capacity for gradual further development of the group's e-commerce strategy.


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