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Success Story: Dinesen Gulve

Refined user experience, faster load times, and rebuilt checkout

Dinesen’s bespoke wooden flooring design of extraordinary dimensions has been its signature ever since 1898, adorning prominent spaces like noma – a gastronomic mecca located in Copenhagen. With the new digital solution, Dinesen wanted to deliver an equally sophisticated user experience that taps into the brand’s core of quality and design.

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The objective for the solution was to have a faster load time and to rebuild the checkout flow. One of the goals was also delivering an equally excellent user experience to clients while not compromising on the visually dominant website with high-quality images.


Dinesen puts a lot of thought behind a visual representation of the product to give the customers the best experience possible. One of them is showcasing the bespoke floor designs on the website. Beautiful, inspiring case images are what will help sell their product. Wooden planks on itself do not impress much, but in a stunning setting, they can leave a big impression.

Historically, Dinesen experienced challenges with long loading times. Not optimal as fast loading times and seamless performance are essential elements in a great customer experience. In addition, Dinesen’s basket was causing disruptions, such as multiplying the order or showing a different currency.


Ucommerce Powerhouse Partner Alpha Solutions stepped in to help Dinesen offer a refined user experience, reduce long load time and rebuild the checkout flow. 

First of all, Alpha Solutions tailored a solution which would showcase the high quality of Dinesen’s floor by allowing the editor to upload large images to the website, without it impacting performance negatively. In addition, Alpha Solutions implemented Umbraco CMS. As a license-free platform, this is a testament that it is possible to create an inspiring design site with top-quality images while making it cost-efficient.

Secondly, Alpha Solutions set up Cache and CDN, Microsoft Azure and Ucommerce as an e-commerce platform. For Dinesen to continue showcasing its high-quality craftsmanship, CDN was an unquestionable choice because it reduced the load time and allowed uploading large images without affecting the website’s performance.

Implementation of Ucommerce tapped into Dinesen’s objective to rebuild the checkout flow, eliminating inconveniences and ensuring that visitors have the best possible user experience while ordering Dinesen’s maintenance products.

“With Ucommerce's easily expandable code architecture we have been able to create custom promotion qualifiers and awards to meet Dinesen’s specific needs. Furthermore, the extendable backoffice UI has made it easy to add features that improve the day-to-day workflow of the backend user. The Ucommerce API has also made it possible to seamlessly integrate an external shipping provider into the order flow process.”
Aman Vishram
Alpha Solutions

About Dinesen

Dinesen is Denmark’s leading manufacturer of exclusive plank floors. The company produces floors for homes, castles, museums and churches in both Denmark and abroad. Quality is the be-all and end-all for Dinesen, and each floor is custom-made in close consultation with the customers who include a number of international designers and architects.

About Alpha Solutions

Alpha Solutions builds technology-based solutions for human-driven needs and serve to strengthen and develop businesses by optimizing innovative digital solutions. Alpha Solutions can become your collaborator in your next Umbraco + Ucommerce digital endeavour. Meet them in the Partner Story.

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