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Powerhouse Partner: Heyday

Creativity and technology always go hand in hand

In the heart of Aarhus, we find Ucommerce Powerhouse Partner, Heyday. A 360-degree creative tech house with a wide range of services & skills, Heyday is a unique and extremely qualified business partner. As an Umbraco Tech House, Heyday has historically worked with different e-commerce engines and now it was time to partner up with Ucommerce.


With collaboration, we find the right solution

For Heyday, user-friendliness is one of the key aspects when it comes to building digital solutions. The company have since the beginning worked with Umbraco and by being an Umbraco Tech House, Heyday was searching for the right e-commerce platform to integrate with Umbraco. And that is where Ucommerce came into the picture.

“What I think we get with Ucommerce is the flexibility, scalability and the great match with Umbraco. It gives our clients peace of mind as it is a known and proven system"
Anders Lorentz
Founder & Director at Heyday

Combining Umbraco with Ucommerce’s Framework First approach, Heyday can “mold” digital solutions into exactly what their customers are looking for and secure the best possible user experience.

Technology + creativeness = <3

In a fast-moving environment, the willingness to adapt to trends and technologies can’t be overestimated. By merging top-quality technology with some of the best creative skills in the business, Heyday creates innovative and user-friendly digital solutions. Being a proven name on the block, Heyday was in 2022 awarded 18 CSS Academy Awards in categories such as UI Design, UX Design and Innovation.

“We know how important it is to be ready to adapt to new trends and technologies in order to secure our customer's success."
Anders Lorentz
Founder & Director at Heyday

A 360-degree creative tech house, Heyday is a team of 40 experts in development, UX design, film, SEO and app development. With a varied range of competencies, the customers get more than just a digital agency. They get a business partner.


Creation of an era

Oxford Dictionary defines the period of a person's greatest success as “heyday”. When the founders Anders Lorentz and Ditte Rønn were brainstorming for a name for their new company, the vision of “heyday” reflected what they wanted their company to be. An era of success, greatness and awesomeness.

“We wanted our company name to reflect what we want to create for everybody working with and at Heyday - the greatest of all time."
Anders Lorentz
Founder & Director at Heyday

With the goal to always build the best solutions, Heyday focuses on the process for both their employees and their customers. It’s not just about the final product. With a mindset saying; we can always be better and let’s beat yesterday, the company constantly builds on their vision to become both their customers, but also their employees’ greatest success.

With the onboarding of Heyday, we continue with our focus to bring in Partners that share our values PLUS have exceptional developer skills.

“Heyday communicates and lives values that fit perfectly with us. And next to the fact that they’re really nice and decent people, they bring solid and strong developer skills to the table. These two factors are pivotal if you want to be a Ucommerce Partner.              Søren Spelling Lund
CEO and Founder at Ucommerce

Are you our new Partner?

If you want to look into the possibility of being part of the Ucommerce journey and offering our platform to your customers, please reach out to our Partner Management team for an informal conversation. Let’s see if we are a fit 💙