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Success Story: Jackson Fencing

A complex and personalized online store

Jacksons Fencing was established in 1947, and is now a leading UK manufacturer of metal and wooden garden fencing, gates and accessories. Jacksons Fencing offers roughly 1,300 products online with an online shop which allows customers to calculate the amount of fencing, decking, gates and accessories needed. It is also possible to order products by both trade and direct customers.Digital agency Sagittarius have re-built Jacksons’ residential site on Sitecore 8.2 with Ucommerce integration, implementing Sitecore tools including Experience Database, Analytics, WFFM and personalisation.

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Jacksons Fencing has a number of challenges that they are looking to solve with their digital proposition. The website needs to communicate with a number of audiences ranging from residential consumers, trade and installers, and offer them a commercial proposition. The migration from an existing successful bespoke built .NET platform to Sitecore 8.2 with no drop in traffic or ecommerce sales and conversions was deemed as the largest challenge.

It was also imperative to utilise the capabilities of Sitecore and allow the brand to use personalisation to talk to multiple audiences and achieve a 360 single customer view across all channels, both offline and online. This integrated approach also included using the email marketing and the development platform with an ambition to drive sales and conversion.

Having worked with Jacksons Fencing for over 14 years, Sagittarius are proud to have been part of their digital growth and migration onto the Sitecore platform. With this opportunity we are excited to work with Jacksons to help them mature their digital presence and utilise the features that Sitecore offers. With all data being in one place we can start to understand consumers’ needs and help deliver a more tailored, relevant, personalised experience, from first visit engagement to post purchase nurturing.
Nick Towers
Managing Director, Sigattarius



Ucommerce was the obvious choice to manage the complexity of the online store which handles thousands of different types of products. The website also offers an integration with Google Shopping feeds, which generate a significant proportion of inbound traffic. In addition, product configurators (fence, decking and gate builder) have been developed to integrate with the basket and checkout process to help drive conversions. All of which have supported a successful site migration.


Jacksons Fencing can now manage products, orders, abandoned baskets, content and product configurators on site, in one manageable and integrated system. The success of this can be measured in the results where Jacksons have seen an increase in conversion rates by over 3%. Moreover, the bounce rate has significantly decreased, as they are able to present the right content to the right user at the right time.

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