Ucommerce for Umbraco
Release Notes


September 18, 2018

Breaking Changes

  • Payment providers are now deployed as individual apps, allowing them to be disabled individually.

Bug Fixes

  • The Ucommerce picker for Umbraco has been updated with full-text search and the ability to see preselected values.
  • All methods in our IDomainService implementations are now virtual and thus overridable.
  • Backoffice - Catalog manager dialogs have been resized to better fit the content
  • Backoffice - Catalog manager dialogs UI changed to use CMS styling
  • Backoffice - Ordermanager dialogs resized to fit content better
  • Refreshing EntitiesV2.Product fields on EditProduct UI if there have been changes doing Save Product pipeline.


  • Payments.config which is deployed as individual apps.



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