Partner Program

Become a Ucommerce Partner and connect your skills and services with our state-of-the-art commerce platform.

Our Partner Program is built on three pillars:

More dedicated collaboration with partners
Enable our partners to deliver implementations of higher quality
Contribute to our partners revenue stream

In other words, we want to build long lasting relationships with our partners where we work together to create successful projects of the highest possible quality. Expect this to be a two-way street where you as a partner will have an actual influence on the platform and in return, we will enable you to build awesome solutions by providing you with the necessary knowledge, support, and training. 

Partnership Stages

Silver Partner

Entry-level partners with access to our basic support offerings and dedicated training to be able to deliver implementations of higher quality.

    • Basic support and backup
    • Listing on
    • Education and empowerment through training
    • Developer and Sales Professional Certification


Gold Partner

Mid-level partner with access to improved support and collaboration to strengthen corporate profile, cooperation level and quality of implementations.

    • Advanced support and backup
    • Listing on with logo
    • Marketing and sales enablement initiatives
    • Ucommerce Certified Architecture
Powerhouse Partner

Top-level partners with access to great benefits and responsibilities as we perceive the partnership as a joint success.

    • Maximum level of support, backup and cooperation
    • Code review
    • Strengthened knowledge through masterclass participation
    • Ucommerce Solution Expert
Partnerships, it’s all about the people. We believe in long-term relationships built on dedication, where we utilize each other’s strengths and mutually invest in our joint success. You know your market and customers' needs. We provide the knowledge and support system for driving these. We are ready to start our journey together.


Silver Partner
Gold Partner
Supporting events through participation and joint sponsorship
Co-sponsoring of events
Advisory groups divided into Business and Tech to collaboratively discuss strategic efforts
Advisory board
An annual meeting to dive into the specifics of the platform and increase knowledge base internally
Annual tech deep dive
Partner development meetings 1-2 times per year to provide information and update on roadmap and releases
Partner develop meeting
Ucommerce’s annual invitation-only event dedicated to inform and empower our partners
Partner Summit
Live seminar hosted online to share knowledge and engage with participants
Marketing & sales enablement
A collaborative marketing partnership to equally promote content pieces or products to expand reach
Mutually distribution and contribution of content where we contribute with content to each other’s platforms
Content distribution
Go-live stories will be pushed or published as a case story on our platforms to increase awareness and reach
Case stories when go-live
Logo and short description will be displayed on our website to indicate our partnership
Logo and description in
Access to the collection of Ucommerce marketing material including logos, etc.
Marketing hub (tools)
Similar cases will be provided to enable your sales process by making conversion easier
Access to similar cases
Access to battlesheet which provides you with insights to facilitate competitor comparison
Presales back-up
Ucommerce offers on-site sales pitches
On-site sales pitches
Ucommerce offers remote sales pitches
Remote sales pitches
In the presales support (before signing the customer), Ucommerce will assist in scoping the process
Assisting scoping process
Ucommerce provides architectural assistance on the case if it is needed
Architectural assistance on case
Ucommerce offers technical demonstrations of the platform
Technical demo (generic)
Ucommerce offers software quality assurance to improve code quality by viewing some of the code
Code review
A Customer Success Agent will be assigned per project
Assigned Customer Success Agent
Access to phone support from Ucommerce
Phone support
Access to architectural support from Ucommerce
Architectural support
Access to email support from Ucommerce
Email support
10 hours/year
Documentation and Training
Annual masterclass to improve knowledge base about the platform to facilitate sales of solutions
Yearly Masterclass
Online training videos to educate and empower through pre-recorded sessions
Access to online training
Access to extensive online documentation
Online documentation


Silver Partner
Gold Partner
Developers must be certified in Ucommerce which must be updated on a yearly basis
Certification: Developer
1 certification
2 certifications
3 certifications
Sales professionals must be certified in Ucommerce which must be updated on a yearly basis
Certification: Sales professional
1 certification
1 certification
2 certification
Once a year, we work together to ensure that the partner’s architecture is built after best practice techniques
Ucommerce Certified Architecture
A Solution Expert is certified with the highest level of knowledge of Ucommerce. This certification requires close collaboration with Ucommerce and attendance in yearly master classes and advisory boards
Ucommerce Certified Solution Expert
Ucommerce’s single point of contact from the partner
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Awareness and Marketing
The Ucommerce logo must be displayed on the partner’s website
Display Ucommerce logo
Create case stories for every go live so we can make some noise about the awesome solutions that are built with Ucommerce
Deliver case stories
Partners must provide information on cases so we know how the platform is being used. This is critical feedback for us to improve the platform.
Deliver content on cases
Contribute to ecosystem/community/platform
Partner is required to give feedback on our roadmap twice a year to help prioritize our effort
Feedback on roadmaps (twice yearly)
Please report bugs so we have an opportunity to fix them and make the platform better to work with
Report bugs
Sales goals
The main goal is to ensure the quality of the solutions and to ensure a deep knowledge of the platform, we need partners to continuously build new solutions
Implementations per year (minimum)
An active implementation guarantees that partner have set amount of experience with the platform
Active Implementations
As a Powerhouse Partner we expect you to share knowledge of Ucommerce which enables you to sell professional services to other local Ucommerce partners who do not have the same level of knowledge
"Local professional services"


Silver Partner
Gold Partner
Paid to Ucommerce every year in return for the benefits you receive from the Partner Program
Yearly cost
€ 3.999,-
€ 6.499,-
Price for certifying a developer
Certification cost per developer
€ 650,-
€ 350,-
€ 200,-
To show that we invest in this collaboration, we offer a kickback corresponding to a percentage off the license fee of the initial sale
Kickback (initial)
To show that we invest in this collaboration, we offer a kickback corresponding to a percentage off the license fee of recurring sales
Kickback (recurring)
Paid Support
€ 1,999 / year
€ 1,999 / year
€ 1,999 / year
10 Hours Developer Assistance
€ 2.000/year
KAM per Project
€ 4,495 / project
€ 2,295 / project
Architectural Support
Not available
€ 250/hour
Code Review
Not available
€ 250/hour


Would you like to learn more about being a partner or do you have any concerns or feedback? If so, please reach out to us.

Ultimately, we want to be the most loved partner!


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