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Ucommerce Next Gen Version 10.2.0

Ucommerce 10.2.0: Take E-commerce Experiences to New Heights!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Ucommerce 10.2.0, marking a significant leap forward in empowering online businesses with flexibility and functionality. We've listened to your feedback and we've made a solution.

Improved developer experience with pipelines

One of the key highlights of this release is the substantial enhancement to the developer experience through the optimization of our well-known pipelines. We've reimagined how developers interact with our pipelines, streamlining the process and empowering them to craft flawless order processing flows effortlessly. Now, creating the ideal order processing sequence is more intuitive than ever before.

Intuitive pipelines aren't just about convenience; they're game-changers, slashing development time by simplifying workflows, minimizing errors, and boosting developer morale, all while fostering a culture of innovation.



Tailored back office UI 

Another feature of Ucommerce 10.2.0 is the introduction of a fully customizable back office UI. We understand that every business has unique requirements, and with this latest update, you have the freedom to tailor and extend the back office UI according to your specific needs. Whether it's refining order management, product management, or other built-in pages, you now have the tools to create a bespoke environment that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

We've received a lot of feedback about this particular aspect, and that's why we've built it. We listen to your feedback and make adjustments accordingly. This is our commitment to delivering the best possible product, empowering us to create better projects together.

Now that we're not tied to a CMS, the possibilities are endless. We have the freedom to innovate, customize, and optimize without limitations. This newfound flexibility empowers us to explore new features, enhance user experience, and truly tailor our product to meet your needs

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Developer love from Ucommerce ❤️

Ucommerce Next Gen arms your development team with frameworks, tools, and best practices and utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies, including EF Core, for streamlined database management and enhanced data handling. Our adoption of .NET 8 ensures familiarity for developers, facilitating smoother integration and faster adoption, and we believe that leads to happier developers. 

Check out our product page for more insights.

How to get the UI extensibility

We hope we have sparked your interest with these new changes and improvements shipped with Ucommerce Next Gen 10.2.0. The new version is already available for you to get your hands on. Just download it here: Feel free to give us some feedback! 

To get an even more thorough overview of our e-commerce platform, you can find a list of helpful articles on our Documentation Site. If you are new to Ucommerce, we recommend you get started with a personal demo to show you how to grow your business with Ucommerce.

We'd love to hear your opinion

At Ucommerce, we are committed to delivering #ComposableCommerce solutions meticulously designed for .NET developers and powered by cutting-edge Microsoft technology. Stay connected with us as we embark on this journey to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape, one innovative release at a time.

If you are in doubt about anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to our partner management team down below.