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Success Story: Billund Airport

Take-off with a revamped digital experience.
Touchdown with a 65% revenue growth


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Challenge & Solution

Data shows that travelers are more willing to shop in tax-free physical stores instead of online. Many of Billund Airport’s customers enjoy the experience of physical shopping when they are traveling, which makes it difficult to change this specific customer behavior.

Billund Airport’s vision is to always ensure an exceptional traveling experience for all travelers.

Together with Ucommerce Gold Partner, digital agency Appstract, Billund Airport focuses on aligning the digital customer experience with the vision.  An essential element in this strategy is to encourage travelers to move from shopping in physical stores to online shop. Revamped digital customer experience was the main focus of the new solution.

"When choosing e-commerce solutions, we see Ucommerce as a product with clearly the best user experience. As we are trying to move some of the sales from our physical shop, the new solution can help us to pinpoint some of the customers' buying habits. It will help us convince the customers to purchase products before or even when they are at their travel destination to pick up their products when returning home to the airport."

Morten Flæng Andersen
Webmaster at Billund Airport

Revamped e-commerce experience

Appstract recommends Ucommerce as the best-fit ecommerce solution for Billund Airport. One of the reasons is that Ucommerce offers the capability to enhance the webshop's User Interface, creating a seamless digital shopping experience. 

In addition, it was important that Appstract could make a one-on-one integration from the Billund Airport’s previous system to Ucommerce and enable webshop tracking functions that the airport did not have access to before. 

The current solution also includes “Campaigns.” According to Billund Airport, this is one of the most value-creating features because it pushes a more effective and focused marketing approach in the future. For example, Billund Airport uses the feature to customize discounts for visitors by implementing more powerful add-ons, such as giving gifts when a purchase reaches a specific amount. 

A new solution enabled a better editor experience, letting the e-commerce manager have complete control over activities in the webshop. Oppositely from an old platform, Ucommerce can also easily track the performance and activities on the webshop.


It’s also about people

Successful implementation of an e-commerce platform is not just about tech and data. It’s also about people.

We were happy to implement Ucommerce to Billund Airport's digital architecture because the Solutions team was always quick to assist us whenever we had questions.
Kim Løwert
CEO at Appstract

It’s also about people

Successful implementation of an e-commerce platform is not just about tech and data. It’s also about people.

About Billund Airport

Billund Airport has been in operation since 1961 when the Lego Group founder’s son established an 800-meter private runway in Billund. The airport started its public journey in 1964, and it became Denmark’s second-largest airport. In pre-pandemic times, Billund Airport counted around 3 million travelers each year.

About Appstract 

Appstract is a Copenhagen-based technological development consultancy. The company creates business value through advanced technology with a team of software developers, solution architects, data scientists, and project managers ahead. A passionate team is ready to only create solutions that move clients forward!

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