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Success Story: Abu Dhabi Airport

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Abu Dhabi Duty Free was established in 1984 and oversees the running of all the facilities at Abu Dhabi Airport. They provide hundreds of products for their customers, everything from fragrances & jewellery to food & beverages. The online store allows passengers to save time and money by deciding upon a purchase even two weeks before departure. This way upon arrival travellers only need to pick up their purchase and are ready to fly.


Abu Dhabi Duty Free website has a shared frontend store where customers can choose from different types of products and brands and make a unified purchase, which can be picked up at several points of the airport, corresponding to the passenger’s flight location. However, each retailer manages their own products and orders in the backend of the webstore. It was significant for our customer to make sure this complicated integration will be possible to implement.

Moreover, the customer experience is expanded by their ‘Wish List’, a feature that allows travellers to share and request a marked item from someone else through email, such as a gift from a husband to a wife.

Our overall experience with the platform was good. The Ucommerce support team has been very helpful and this adds value to the product. Our client loves the implementation and it’s easy to use for the content managers and the different order management teams.
Taimoor Zahid
Project Manager at Indivirtual Dubai


To manage the complexity of the online store, which handles hundreds different type of products from different retailers, Ucommerce was the obvious choice. This, for Ucommerce , has been one of the most complex and biggest integrations to date. Abu Dhabi Duty Free’s online shop and the orders are now managed through the Ucommerce module and Umbraco CMS.


Abu Dhabi Duty Free can now handle multiple retailers on one website, with each managing their own inventories, products and orders, while keeping the suborders of each retailer confidential. Moreover, as a more tangible measure of their successful implementation of the Ucommerce platform, online sales have been increasing steadily since the website has gone live.

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