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Go-live Story: Kloovis

Kloovis: A platform that gives construction leftovers a second life

By 2025, annual construction waste will reach 2.2 billion tons globally, according to Transparency Market Research. And it’s just construction waste alone, without all the waste that ends up in oceans and landfills.

Kloovis solves an increasing construction waste issue by giving a second chance to construction leftovers. That pile of bricks lying next to a newly built house can live one more life instead of slowly turning into a pollutant sludge at the bottom of the ocean, making decomposing clay a new food for fish.


Support is the way to a unified platform

In mid-May, Ucommerce Silver Partner Yaksa implemented an e-commerce solution for  Kloovis – a digital marketplace for second-hand construction materials. 

Whether the user is a contractor or an individual, the geo-located marketplace meets various personas’ needs by providing several categories customers can choose from. 

In addition to that, Kloovis centralized the payment experience.  If the customer’s basket is full of goods from different vendors, they only have one checkout process without having to make separate payments. 

The Kloovis solution is different from what Yaksa has done in the past, and it ideally fits their goal to create unusual digital experiences. A combination of Ucommerce’s support, flexibility, and Yaksa’s creativity made a unified platform to deliver the best possible marketplace experience.

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