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Go-live Story: Fiberline

Re-thinking the digital platform

Fiberline Building Profiles and Ecreo - a close collaboration focusing on business development and digital solutions


The Danish fibreglass company, Fiberline Building Profiles, needed to rethink the digital platform in order for it to live up to the ambitious plans. Ucommerce Powerhouse Partner, Ecreo, was responsible for delivering the solution.

Profiles for all of Europe

Fiberline Building Profiles are specialists in composites and have the world's largest webshop with CE-marked fibreglass profiles. Fiberline's fibreglass profiles combine several unique advantages making them a cost-effective alternative to other traditional building materials such as concrete, steel and wood. With unique durability and minimal maintenance requirements, fibreglass is a more sustainable alternative for the construction of the future.

A digital platform in need of rethinking

Fiberline was in a situation where they had to rethink their site and optimize the digital sparring needed to execute the ambitious plans. Their previous site was not able to handle the planned expansion. The goal was to run the company as if it had been born as a digital company with the digital channel(s) as the primary sales channel(s). This approach was to bring Fiberline to the European markets, with Denmark as the primary market. To execute this plan, Fiberline needed solid advisory regarding the technical aspects but also in relation to investing in the digital elements that provide the greatest ROI.

Fiberline also faced a challenge with a lot of leftovers lying around from various cuttings. In the past, these were simply discarded despite the fact that nothing was wrong with them. Today, they are available to customers in the webshop.

Fiberline wanted to be able to boost sales with more campaigns and discount codes as well as offer customers custom lengths. Custom lengths were previously only handled via direct contact with the sales department.

Few products with many variants

With around 100 products, one would think that the product complexity was manageable. But with over 10,000 variants, the complexity and the need for an overview increase quickly. Therefore, Struct PIM has been implemented as a solid foundation for the digital platform. It can handle all variants that Fiberline has today, but is also ready for the future.

Ucommerce was the natural fit as a robust platform to drive the commerce foundation. It was important that the e-commerce platform of choice was a well-known and globally tested platform. Ucommerce lived up to these criteria. At the same time, the possibility of running campaigns became a reality.

Partner in Ecreo, Casper Stendal elaborates: “Ucommerce was also the right choice in relation to the complexity of the solution. All customers have specific prices for all variants. So the price engine behind the solution is huge.”

Digital handling of special cuts

"Custom lengths" or orders in specific measurements, is another feature that Fiberline wanted to be able to offer their customers. Today, Fiberline gives their customers the opportunity to buy special products where a minimum order must be made in order for production to start. 

The customers range from the local craftsman to large contractors. This is (also) why it is essential that the webshop provides the  customer with a good overview of the order - regardless of size.

A solid and future-proof digital foundation

Fiberline has a brand new digital platform that internally has created a more efficient workday because the team does not have to spend so much time on updating and maintenance. 

Furthermore, the platform has been scaled to serve more countries where, among others, Sweden and Poland have become new markets. 

Finally, the digital solution has given Fiberline the confidence to add all their products to the online store instead of just a selection of products. Reason: because they now don’t have to risk compromising the performance. 

You can get access to the case story created by our Powerhouse Partner Ecreo here.

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