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Benefit your e-commerce business with AI-generated content

Key takeaways:

AI-generated content vs content writers can be great partners instead of a threat to each other. AI-generated content can complement the content writer’s skills, understand your e-commerce business and provide an even stronger knowledge foundation. So:

  • Combining is beneficial for creating value for your reader as well as SEO;
  • By providing your content writer with such an opportunity, you can gain a competitive advantage and build brand trust;
  • The AI-generated content vs content writer combo can prove to be a cost-efficient strategy to generate fast and lengthy content, which the writer again can turn into a valuable resource for your customers, website and channel visitors.
  • Read the article to learn more.

For an e-commerce business, content marketing is one of the main tools to drive traffic and ignite your online shop’s maximal performance. You may be aware of an emerging clash between AI-generated content and content writers.

Even if there’s a discussion about the threat of AI replacing humans, it is not exactly true. However, your business might consider such AI-generated content vs content writer clash as an opportunity to ignite your e-commerce content marketing strategy and empower performance and traffic.

But you may naturally ask: what’s the benefit, and why invest in one, another, or even both? In this article, we’ll cover all valuable aspects of AI-generated vs content writers combo and walk you through how your e-commerce business can benefit from combining both.

AI-generated content vs content writer: what are they?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “the study and development of computer systems that can copy intelligent human behaviour”, the Oxford dictionary explains. AI-generated content is the text that Artificial Intelligence creates.

AI generates content quickly and conveniently because it only takes one topic to type and proposes a coherent text about your requested topic within a few seconds. Meanwhile, content writers are professionals who plan and write written content – articles, SoMe posts, blogs, e-books, etc. – on various topics. Or ones that are relevant to your business. 

Today, AI executes tasks that fall under the content writer’s responsibilities. Lately, more discussions about AI-generated content have emerged, leaving some considering whether AI will replace human efforts in various fields, such as content writing, art, or professions like cashier.

We already meet AI in our everyday lives because we, e.g. bump into face recognition functions, use smart household appliances or ask Siri for navigation.

But where’s the benefit?


AI opens up new opportunities for content creators to utilize and maximize the content marketing strategy

The quality of AI-generated content may be difficult to distinguish from humans. And that’s actually one of the benefits of this type of content. Another undeniable benefit is that AI can generate larger amounts of words faster than any human.

It is a game changer for a content writer to compete with a computer that knows what keywords to use and when, and it’s absolutely normal to feel threatened! However, there’s no doubt that AI opens up new opportunities for content creators to utilize and maximize their content marketing strategy in terms of efficiency.

Content writers can hold real-life conversations about your business with your users or customers, turning the insights into the engaging, problem-solving copy, and relative case stories.

AI-generated content provides fast and lengthy content that the content writer can tweak and add details that the machine cannot deliver. It means your e-commerce business can use AI for content topics and execute them, but the content writer can tweak them to make the content valuable to the visitor based on knowledge about the consumer. This is the real gamechanging approach for marketers.

It’s desirable for your e-commerce business to make friends with AI because it’s all about relationships and providing value to people. Your customers are not just another number on your webshop.

No content is perfect - no matter who wrote it. So why work with AI-generated content and content writer?

Good content does not just happen. It requires a good amount of thought and ugly first drafts. And then it’s where the magic happens. So imagine the content we could create if we accepted the helping hand from AI and used it to our own benefit. Your e-commerce business would enter a whole new era with many new possibilities.

In the future, AI is going to evolve even further, but it is far from taking over our jobs. If we can find a way to become partners and not competitors, the quality of the content will skyrocket. The efficient fact-checking AI content generator and the unpredictable crumbled mind of a human content writer could be the best team - so why not partner up?

If you invest in both, think about all the fast and lengthy content that AI can generate. But there must be something behind the words other than just letters, right? Charm, personality, edge – that is not something you find in a computer. That comes from the charisma and passion of the content writer’s text.

Yet, content writers can spend way less time researching, writing, and editing the text. This means that your content marketing opportunities broaden, and you can generate value for your visitors by enabling your Content Writer to focus on advancing the text that AI generated.

To sum up: it's beneficial! 

If your e-commerce business combines AI-generated content and content writer efforts in an e-commerce content strategy, you can definitely face some benefits. So how can your e-commerce business benefit from the AI-generated content & content writer combo?

AI generates texts, and the Content Writer can optimize it to be valuable for your e-com visitor and also be SEO-compliant;
Content writer saves up time and can focus on already written content instead of going through the whole process themselves;
Consistent publishing of your content can help your e-commerce business gain a competitive advantage and build brand trust.

Thanks for reading! And please let us know if you have thoughts on this - experience with this and work with e-com. Our Content Creator, Gabriele Ptasinskaite, would be happy to hear from you.

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