Ucommerce 9.7: Expanded Headless API, Sitecore user upgrades + more

Expanded Headless API

Faster Headless implementations with new features, requiring less custom work for improved checkout flows. 

In this release, we're adding a handful of complimentary headless APIs, for handling promotion codes on a Basket, Order level and Order Line level custom properties, and adding to Basket with a custom price. 

This will reduce the custom workload to achieve feature-rich checkout flows through our Headless API with the following:

  • Add or remove promotion codes natively from your basket.
  • Add custom properties to your basket or order lines at any point during checkout.
  • Add to basket with a custom unit price or tax rate and edit an order line modifying these, including the quantity.

And not to worry, we thought of front-end applications and security too - you now have the option to get an authentication token that has no access to custom prices or tax rates.

Sitecore Installer

For a long time, the only way to install Ucommerce for Sitecore was via the package installation framework. This way has been working well when the complexity of both products was lower and the deployment scenarios simpler. In today's world it did not cut it anymore, so to remedy installation and upgrade troubles we have a new installation method for you. Moving forward, this is the only way for setting up Ucommerce.

The new installer is a CLI tool, well documented and executed outside of the process of your website. This solves many of the failure points of the old installer where the application status was unreliable.

Moreso, the tool is easy to automate. It can be used to set up or upgrade existing databases, for scenarios where you may have multiple databases to migrate, like staging, or multiple development ones. 

We hope this solves installation issues across the board and increases confidence in choosing to upgrade Ucommerce.

More improvements and fixes

A more comfortable administration interface with more horizontal space! Based on popular demand we have improved the effectiveness of the horizontal real estate utilization in the entire backoffice. There are also several UI improvements overall, both performance and correctness-related.

Also in 9.7: Much faster calculation of discounts, for faster checkout and more conversions, especially in scenarios with many Campaigns and Promotions (including deleted ones).

Our search engine has also been improved with many fixes for data correctness.

If you are interested in the complete list of additions, you can find them in our Release Notes.

How to get Ucommerce 9.7 and ignite your digital commerce

We hope we have sparked your interest with these new changes and improvements shipped with Ucommerce 9.7. The new version is available for you to get your hands on already now.

To get an even more thorough overview of our ecommerce platform, you can find a list of helpful articles on our documentation site. If you are new to Ucommerce, we recommend that you get started with a personal demo to show you how you can grow your business with Ucommerce.

If you are in doubt about anything or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to our partner management team at [email protected].

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