Future-fit composable commerce & DXP without compromises


British Safety Council and Reading Room

When the British Safety Council shifted its digital stance, the new solution had to be commerce-oriented and hand-in-hand scalable with the Umbraco CMS. 

This case study shows how a best-fit Partnership & relations ensured a future-fit composable & scalable experience platform.



The new British Safety Council solution had to integrate seamlessly with systems, including Umbraco and Salesforce. In addition, it had to be able to grow with the business. 

Digital Partner, Reading Room, was focused on building a composable experience to avoid the digital architectural compromises that the British Safety Council had made. An experience with all the necessary features and benefits relevant for a future-proof solution. This focus of wanting to avoid compromises was at the heart of the planning and discussions, and both parties were in 100% agreement that compromising would be against the essence of Partnership and the composable DXP creation process.

Reading Room & British Safety Council have worked together for six years. The partnership is based on trust and close relations. Obviously, this gave Reading Room an optimal foundation to go to the solution's core and analyse the client's functional and non-functional requirements before starting to build the desired solution.

That’s how we work as a business. We never go into the solution right away, especially composable DXP. We work by deeply listening in and reconsidering all functional and non-functional requirements of the client before we go down to building it

Future-fit composable commerce with Ucommerce & Umbraco

“Reading Room had to reassure me that we were getting a future-fit solution more than a future-proof solution. And that’s what they’ve provided us with”, says Steve Ward, Head of IT at the British Safety Council. 

British Safety Council and Reading Room chose Ucommerce as the e-commerce platform to boost commercial performance and to ensure 100% composability with Umbraco CMS.

Ucommerce has 13+ years of experience integrating with Umbraco, and Ucommerce and Umbraco’s road maps are closely aligned in terms of continuous improvement. The extensibility of Ucommerce has been one of the turning points for the British Safety Council to include Ucommerce in its digital shift.

So was the scalability that the combination of Ucommerce & Umbraco offers. The solution can grow with the organisation - thus, Steve Ward and British Safety Council now have a future-fit solution.

People & collaboration as a success factor

The title has probably shown the essence of a successful implementation of the composable DXP. Steve Ward, CTO, British Safety Council, is very open about his happiness with the collaboration with Reading Room.

He says that Reading Room has the ability to overcome barriers by simply listening and acting upon the needs and challenges that arise. 

As one of the highlights of the collaboration, Steve Ward mentions Reading Room’s ability to overcome barriers by introducing the simplest core design principles. Reading Room & British Safety Council kept looping back to the very core of the solution: “The solution architect kept pulling me back to the basics and came up with core design principles. Whatever we wanted to build, he made sure we could add and take from it.”

Reading Room has real experts and a fantastic culture. They were the most professional vendor we’ve ever worked with. This is the only technology project where I've looked forward to agency calls, brainstorming sessions, and problem-solving because it’s such a pleasure to work with these guys. We have fun, and we produce really high-quality outcomes effortlessly. That is what the Partnership is about.
Steve Ward CTO, British Safety Council

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