Onsite Masterclass

Because Relations are the #1 Growth Driver

We want to be loved by developers. To achieve that, we must invest even more in getting to know you: Our Partner Developers. Training and visits are the way forward. That's why we introduce the Onsite Masterclass.

Strategic onboarding = Happy client

The purpose is also to ensure the solid onboarding of a Partner at the earliest stage possible of the Partnership. An early onboarding means an optimized implementation process and, subsequently, happy customers and to-the-point support.

Our take is - and we know our Partners agree with us  - that the developers must master Ucommerce before they start working on the client’s project. The alternative is to use project time to get to know the platform instead of developing the new solution.

What our Partners say


The explanation of the task at hand and the thorough walkthrough of the assignment in plenum was really great.

Lars Landbo Olesen,
Backend Developer, Kruso



It was nice to get very much into the details about specific subjects that were on our minds instead of just sticking to the schedule.

Anders Østergård Nielsen,
Lead developer, Dwarf


Why choose a Masterclass?

This is why Onsite Masterclass with Ucommerce is the #1 growth driver and the direct path to way happier customers:

 Optimize your time implementing Ucommerce for clients projects;
 Achieve a faster time-to-market;
 Build an Ucommerce webshop from scratch yourself and use it as a foundation for future solutions;
 Get ad-hoc assistance on-site.

Our Partner Developers learn to build the platform from A to Z. Our Team gives detailed presentations after which developers can code the theory into practice. You can expect to get deep insights from adding products to the editor to moving all the way to the checkout flow. 

After the Masterclass, developers are ready to kickstart a much more efficient and value-creating e-commerce project. They now have the knowledge of how to build a Ucommerce e-commerce solution. Because you build a mockup webshop during the Masterclass you can let that mockup serve as the foundation for your client’s project with best-practice implementations.

What is a Masterclass?

The Masterclass is an exclusive offer to our Partners. Only existing and new Partners can book a 16-hour onsite developer course to become an #1 Ucommerce Ninja. You decide if you want to split the 16 hours into 2 or 4 days. Our Solutions Team has one focus only: to ensure that you get all the necessary know-how and master the platform before you kick off with a new project.

The typical Masterclass programme

This is what a typical programme looks like. However, we are always ready to tweak here and there to ensure that the programme fits your reality.

Day 1

On the first day of the Masterclass, the developers are introduced to the essential platform concepts and features. Upon the introduction, the developers put theory into practice and code the/a webshop from scratch. Of course, supported by ad hoc guidance from the Ucommerce Team.

Day 2

On the second day, the focus is set on the learning extension of the platform. For example, we would focus on how developers can change the logic of the platform to meet their client’s need for a new digital architecture. Additionally, the Ucommerce Team will walk you through possible risks and pitfalls you want to avoid when you work with lower-lever APIs.

Interested in an Onsite Masterclass?

Book a meeting with our Sales Team. We will ensure that your dedicated market manager will reach out to you.

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