Ucommerce Starter Pack

The only USP you'll ever really need

So what is it?

You’ll get access to one of the main guys of the Ucommerce team to help you sort out any tricky bits in your projects. If you want support before you get going to sort out problems along the way or to review the stuff you've done once you finished - it's all up to you!

So I'll just lean back and let you do my work for me?

Nope, we’ll support you along with online video chats and guide you as much as we can - the actual code stuff is all up to you.

So how much help can I expect?

As much as you need! However, the Starter Pack provides you with access to 4 sessions of 1 hour. It's up to you to book and plan when needing our help - but we'll be ready when you call us.

Great - how much is it?

Only love is for free, my friend - the Starter Pack is €1,000+VAT*. Immediately after your purchase we are primed and ready to start helping you out!

And what's in the fine print…?

Well, not much really. The only restriction regards the hours in the USP which are exclusively dedicated to the project you booked it for – and for that project only.

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*Depending on markets.


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