What is a Ucommerce Buddy?

A Ucommerce buddy is a developer we assign to every enterprise level project to make sure the project goes smoothly. We are here to speed up the development process and make sure you have a good experience with Ucommerce.

What the buddy will do for me?

We will point you in the right direction if you are stuck in your Ucommerce project.

You will have 2 online meetings with your buddy:
  • The initial one where you will talk about the requirements for your project and you can ask questions regarding the implementation
  • The meeting after you go live and you discuss the future and reflect on the project;

We will make sure that to get in touch with you after you purchased the license and introduce ourselves. We also reach out regularly if we don't hear from you to make sure everything's alright.

What won't the buddy do for me?

The buddy we assign is a developer we need to work on Ucommerce so we can continue delivering awesome e-commerce functionality for you. Therefore, they will not join your teams or have supplementary meetings with you.

How will you contact your buddy?

E-mail is customary. Remember to describe the issue in detail, with a full stack trace and information about the versions of Ucommerce and your favourite CMS. This will save you some time and help the buddy get to the bottom of things faster.

How soon do I get a buddy?

As soon as you get your hands on an enterprise level Ucommerce license. Contact [email protected] for a new license.

What can I expect from my my buddy?

You can expect them to reach out after you got the license and establish an initial meeting.

How fast will my buddy reply?

We check our emails every day and within 48 hours. (Keep in mind there may be time zone diferrences. You can expect an answer between 9:00 and 17:00 CEST.)

What if my hair is on fire and my computer is on fire and the deadline is yesterday?

Take a deep breath and reach out to your buddy. They will figure something out in good time and help you out. They might recommend you get a Ucommerce Support Pack which will give you a number of sessions with one of our developers. For more information and purchases of Ucommerce Support Packs.

What if I have enough friends and don't need a buddy?

Full speed ahead! You'll still get one and they will reach out to you from time to time so remember to reply and tell them that everything is A-ok and you don't need them.

If I don't have a buddy, can I still get support?

Of course! You can ask your questions on our support platform, Eureka. We check it every morning and answer within 24 hours.



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