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The Premier League clubs’ new retail store is designed to maximize fan spend and create best in class customer experience for their fans worldwide.


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The top tier UK-based football club, Southampton Football Club, was founded back in 1885 and their home ground since 2001 has been St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, New Hampshire, UK. Southampton FC is playing in the Premier League, the top level of the English football league system. 


The Premier League club needed an extensive revamp of its online retail store to allow fans worldwide to browse and purchase merchandise. Amongst other things, the store needed to be optimized for mobile conversion as mobile traffic represents the majority of the traffic to the store.

Objectives for the solution:

fan spend

Best in class
customer experience

Streamline the buyer journey


The new site is designed to allow fans to easily browse and explore products to achieve a best in class customer experience. Further, the site was designed to optimize conversion and with a new UI  product presentation is enhanced and users can access product information and customization using simple intuitive gesture controls. 

To achieve the objective of maximizing fan spend, the new site needed simple and configurable marketing features to allow the retail team to easily generate discounts and promotional codes to nudge customers into a purchase. Also, upsell components have been applied on both product pages and basket to encourage customers to add related items to the order. Last but not least, the site is built using best practice techniques to remove potential pain points, minimizing dropoff, and to further encourage checkout.

The new site is an integrated solution of Sitecore and Ucommerce 7.18 together with Southampton’s back office that delivers product data, real-time stock inventory, and discounts for season ticket holders.



It is still early and with the Premier League on hold for two months and counting, we will have to allow for more time to see the full extent of the project, but so far results have proven very positive.


The Sitecore platform harnessed Ucommerce to provide the core functionality, whilst the solution also integrates seamlessly with Southampton’s back-office systems providing product data, real-time stock inventory, discounts for members/season ticket holders and fulfilment.
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