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Incredible performance, the possibility to handle an unlimited number of markets, languages, ​​and currencies and three different frontends all sharing the same backend - Salming Sports AB has undergone an extensive digital journey over the past five years.


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The Swedish sports shop named after the famous hockey player, Börje Salming, strives to design state-of-the-art products within the categories running, floorball, handball, squash, volleyball, badminton, and padel. With a mission of “no nonsense attitude” and “unrivaled feel”, Salming develops products that are cutting edge in function, technology, and appearance. What began as a small Swedish company in 1991 is now one of Europe’s most recognizable brands.


As a result of Salming’s success internationally, the need for a website that captures all the advantages of e-commerce became more evident. Previously was divided into the different sports segments which the company specialize in. This structure made it difficult for customers to navigate the website and as a result it was difficult to find the products. It was not built for maximizing the e-commerce experience. The technology used for the site was somewhat outdated as it did not allow for optimal filtering and search.

Objectives for the solution:

Achieve page load for search results in less than 300 milliseconds

Allow customers to be able to explore more products

Make a unified shopping experience


Salming has undergone an extensive digital journey to combine all Salming’s sport segments into one unified website as well as connecting the desktop version with the mobile version of the site. The new site is built on Umbraco 8, Ucommerce 8.4 and Ixit’s own Accelerator that powers the business-layer and the frontend. With the learnings from the previous site in mind, Ixit knew what they could achieve on top of this combination. Their focus was to improve search, filtering, and responsiveness, and achieve incredible performance. All of their knowledge was poured into a strong unified packaged commerce/content offer. During the development of the site, three different customer environments shared the same Ucommerce backend with different Umbraco frontends: B2C, the new and old site, as well as their B2B site.


In January 2020, the new unified was released. The result is a significant increase in orders placed per day, a brand new architecture that supports exploring more products, and an even stronger and more coherent brand which has eased their content management across all channels. Salming now has the foundation to adapt to an unlimited number of markets, languages, and currencies with a database that allows for variants in an infinity. And on top of this, Ixit achieved their objectives of super performance and exceptional search and filtering features.

The new site is 100 times better when it comes to search, filtering, responsiveness and it has super performance. Most things you do on the site will respond in about a tenth of a second.
Andreas Björk CEO & Lead Developer, Ixit

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