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The ideal encounter of creativity and structure.
Rosendahl’s design is an encounter between creative lines and stringent lines.


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Since 1984 the Danish Rosendahl Design Group brand has been associated with practical, clean-cut design at a reasonable price. They sell kitchenware and tableware from stores all over the world under brands such as Rosendahl, Holmegaard and Kay Bojesen.


Rosendahl wanted to increase their brand presence online for all their brands, which in this day and age includes doing e-commerce. But also wanted to do this in just one solution that was flexible enough to allow the individual brands to have a unique expression. And able to do this in multiple languages.

Oh, and everything at as low a cost as possible of course. Rosendahl is known for providing good value for money for their customers, so naturally the expected the same of their E-commerce solution.

We were amazed by Ucommerce's ability to keep a whole score of both shops and sites in one, easy to manage installation.
Tina Winsløw E-commerce Manager, Rosendahl Design Group


The Ucommerce for Umbraco solution where chosen for several reasons. The template and content management system of Umbraco along with the multi store functionality of Ucommerce, allows for having an almost unlimited amount of shops on the same system. Yet vary these either by a tiny amount, for example by changing the language, or by a huge amount like changing the entire design.

The flexibility of Ucommerce as a framework also allowed Rosendahl to have advanced custom functionality added such as a responsive design, an extremely nice and fast faceted search and a fully custom checkout flow.

Along with custom integration towards Axapta ERP and Apsis e-mail marketing software.


The first three webshops where ready at launch, and more is continually added afterwards, both brand sites and sites with e-commerce capabilities.

The results of both the new design, new functionality and the new platform has been amazing. Online turnover has increased by more than 150% compared to the old solution. And Rosendahl now has a flexible platform that allows them to grow even further and continue to expand with added brands and shops.


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