Enabling PRIMUS.DIRECT to run a highly customizable, multilingual e-commerce platform.



Primus Wafer Paper, a manufacturer of edible paper, is based in the Netherlands and supplies edible paper to the international market via direct sales. This business model is characterised by the supply of large volumes to wholesalers and other parties that deliver the product to the end user.

The edible paper product is used in smaller volumes by bakeries, patisseries and culinary businesses, in the production of coconut macaroons and nougat as well as bread labels. The manufacturer Primus Wafer Paper has been supplying large volumes of edible paper to the international market for over 100 years.


The challenge within this project was to set up a complete e-commerce channel, including a new production line to process the printing on demand orders.

The e-commerce platform has to fulfil a number of key conditions: internationally scalable, multilingual and with the possibility to add an HTML editor.

Multilingualism is important because of the international ambitions that Primus Wafer Paper has for the webshop. And with the integration of an HTML editor they can offer a new service: the online personalisation of edible labels, which are supplied via printing on demand. The combination of these requirements led to the choice for Ucommerce.

With e-commerce we can serve end users directly, and we now offer personalised products with the use of the online editor. This makes us leaders in our market, and we will be developing this model further in the coming years.
Wouter Smit Commercial Director, PRIMUS.DIRECT


Orange Juice has created the PRIMUS.DIRECT e-commerce platform and implemented the editor on the basis of Umbraco and Ucommerce. It was decided to buy a licence for the Ucommerce Pro Edition, because multilingualism and discount codes can easily be integrated using this platform.

For the regular production offset presses were used to add a print to the edible paper. A new production department with fast food printers has been set up for the relatively small amounts of personalised bread labels that are ordered in the webshop. A link has been made from the webshop to the production process, so that the labels are automatically placed on printed sheets.

The development teams at Orange Juice work with Microsoft .NET MVC. The choice for Umbraco and Ucommerce is logical and offers opportunities for bespoke solutions. We integrate our HTML editor in the Ucommerce environment.
Martin Tiemens Development Team Lead, Orange Juice


In the first months after the launch Primus Wafer Paper’s e-commerce platform has already convincingly proved itself. In the first quarter of 2018 both the turnover and conversion prognoses were surpassed. Partly thanks to the successful start-up phase we can quickly continue with the creation of additional functionality and the international expansion.


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