A streamlined, user-friendly buying experience created in just four months from start to finish - significantly faster than the industry standard.


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€5.019 million

revenue in 2016


Think big. Think multinational company worth millions in revenue and thousands employed. Think bigger. 36.000 employees worldwide, €5 billion in revenue/year and present in 180 countries. We are proud to introduce Legrand, a leading specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. From wire and cable management, lighting controls, data communication, commercial A/V to home systems, they do it all. And they needed e-commerce.


It all started when Legrand decided they wanted the best in class brand experience for their users. Website visitors were ready for the buy - and they had to make extra steps for that purchase. So why not make the website experience a more fulfilling one for the potential customer?!

Legrand decided on an immersive experience that allowed people to get their favourite items on their doorsteps in 3-5 business days. The next step was to shop for e-commerce. Since all the products were in their Sitecore CMS and everyone was used to working with it, perfect integration was a must, the kind that would preserve the employees' way of working with the system.

Their challenge was to find an e-commerce solution that would add the e-commerce B2C functionality to their existing Sitecore website, one that they took on with Ucommerce and Engagency.

Ucommerce architecture is like a box of LEGO. We can construct literally any e-commerce experience any way we like.
Jason Perry President & CEO, Engagency


Ucommerce was the obvious choice because of the flexible architecture and the smooth integration it has with Sitecore. All there was to be done was to link the back-end with the platform and voila! The items were ready for their new buyers.

The implementation process was described by one word: speed. For both Legrand and Engagency, this was their first attempt at Sitecore e-commerce. The robust functionality of the Ucommerce platform enabled the smoothest implementation and an easy entrance to e-commerce. The fast learning curve of the platform allowed them to deliver a running system in less than the average time. This allowed Legrand to quickly put the system to good use and start generating revenue faster than they had expected.

Was it difficult to work with?! It was straight-forward from the very beginning. Our content managers have no issue working with Ucommerce - it feels very natural. All operations are easy and our digital marketing department can do everything.
Kevin Vallez E-commerce Director, Legrand


Currently, Legrand makes use of the built-in Ucommerce functionality which gives them a very well rounded e-commerce platform. They are making use of Marketing Foundation by offering free shipping to orders over a set amount and discount codes to customers. The Integration Foundation/Uconnector made it incredibly easy to add new products straight from their ERP system with minimum effort.

In April 2014 Legrand had the entire high-end Adorne collection online and ready to be ordered. Legrand generated 3x more revenue than they initially anticipated thanks to their new solution. Sales went so well that in November 2014 they decided to make items from the Wiremold and Pass & Seymour collections available to their customers.

Legrand seized the opportunity to expand on the online market and discovered by themselves just how Ucommerce can help you sell more.


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