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In 2007, Johan Bülow from Svaneke in Bornholm opened a small local shop selling liquorice that he made on the spot. The demand for the famous Scandinavian snack was growing day by day, and after a year Johan decided to open his first factory. And so, Lakrids by Johan Bülow was officially established. Their chocolate-coated, delicious products are now considered the world’s first gourmet liquorice and are recognized and loved not only in Denmark but all over the world.


The global success of Lakrids made them think about improving on digital sales. They needed a more flexible and efficient ecommerce solution that would be able to handle the traffic and at the same time keep the user experience on a high level.

Webshop done in 8 weeks – actually done 3 days before the deadline! Everything went smooth without any complications during launch.
Ole Jensen Managing Director, Kruso


Lakrids partnered up with Kruso, Ucommerce’s Power House, to build up a brand new site that’s capable to perform on high conversion rates. Using our newest product, Uccelerate, they created a flexible and stable online store in Ucommerce. Kruso opted for Ucommerce as an ecommerce platform that can take up the challenge of managing Lakrids’ ongrowing sales. With Uccelerate making the building process smoother and much faster, Kruso managed to finish the project in less than 8 weeks.


On August 6, 2018, Lakrids has launched their new website, built on Umbraco with Ucommerce as a framework commerce solution. They were able to integrate their existing data from the store and ERP to the new platform. Having a flexible, open platform lets Lakrids create new targeted campaigns across all their channels. Thanks to Uccelerate, they now can effortlessly make any changes on their site and manage discounts, multiple currencies, languages, as well as sales of their limited edition products. The time has come for Lakrids and all the liquorice lovers across the globe to enjoy a responsive, efficient platform with less technical issues regardless of the demand.


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