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Fritz Hansen

With the new solution, Fritz Hansen will keep an eye on maximizing the brand experience for its B2B and B2C customers. For an ultimate experience, the platform also has to store and process 180 million variants of products.


Solution specs

Increase from

10% 70%

in online revenue
A total of

1 800 000



Fritz Hansen is a Danish design furniture manufacturer founded in 1872. With Arne Jakobsen’s work being a front feature, exclusive furniture designs gain recognition worldwide. Fritz Hansen’s ability to combine Nordic design patterns and modernism made Denmark’s most recognizable furniture brand. It earned the Danish manufacturer a global leader in furniture, lighting, accessory design, and production.


Nowadays, more and more businesses seek an easy and intuitive shopping process. As the world has shifted its focus toward e-commerce, Fritz Hansen was not an exception. The company has noticed an increased demand for online selling within its B2B segment.

This switch meant creating an e-commerce platform that could offer business and private consumers great experience and functionality.

Most importantly, the e-commerce solution must have the capability of handling 180 million product variants found in Fritz Hansen’s portfolio. Such an extraordinary number of products calls for a technical setup that can support orders with a high amount of items and ensure a smooth checkout process.

Objectives for the solution:

Facilitate online shopping experience for B2B and B2C segments

Improve the functionality of User Interface

Build a solution to handle 180 million variants of products


Fritz Hansen needed a solution to meet their need for an intuitive shopping experience with a basket capacity for millions of possible product variants. Therefore, Alpha Solutions integrated Ucommerce to Sitecore as a platform, processing large amounts of products and their variations.

Ensuring an exceptional brand experience is one of the most vital strengths design companies as Fritz Hansen should consider. Alpha Solutions was able to scale Fritz Hansen’s brand experience with their eye for innovation. Now the solution consists of an outstanding detail - Augmented Reality in the shopping process. This solution ensured that 3D renderings, 4K images, and Augmented Reality do not interfere with basket and checkout flow. Customers can test if the furniture they would like to buy blends in with the interior design, gaining Fritz Hansen a differential advantage amongst the competition.

Customers can also use the new platform, “My Fritz Hansen”, dedicated to B2B and B2C users. The platform allows clients to build their wishlist and portfolio, track past orders, and access all the information about their purchases. “My Fritz Hansen” will operate with the upcoming Partner Portal, a solution for business clients to enable them to shop in higher quantities online. The synergy of platforms within the solution will ensure a remarkable and easier shopping experience with Fritz Hansen.

Further developments

The next step for Fritz Hansen is to launch the Partner Portal for its B2B clients. It enables a new shopping experience for Fritz Hansen’s business clients. 

The Partner Portal will tackle the B2B clients’ demand for an easy and intuitive shopping experience. Alpha Solutions chose such integration into the e-commerce solution based on business clients’ tendency to purchase larger amounts of furniture for their businesses.

With the help of Ucommerce, business clients will be able to order larger amounts of products and be sure that the checkout process is smooth and capable of processing such quantities of products.


The Ucommerce technology is easy to overmodulate, which has been a key advantage in this case with Fritz Hansen. The product model with nearly 200 million products has only been integrable due to Ucommerce’s open and extensible API.
Frederik Wulff Pedersen IT developer

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