e→d films

The award-winning animation studio saw a need among creators for better production tools. So, they decided to launch an online store and provide everyone with tools, assets, and resources developed by them during their successful productions.


Solution specs


more qualified traffic


increase in recurring visitor engagement


gain in team efficiency


Recognizing the potential of this market, Montreal-based, award-winning animation studio e→d films wanted to leverage its expertise and sell online assets that they developed across many of their successful projects - from Photoshop brushes to character rigs and handcrafted animated elements, as well as helpful tutorials, and other useful resources.



The animation studio faced many challenges with their previous website and online store, including a cumbersome website, poor navigation, way too slow loading time, non-customizable search options, and a backend platform and solution architecture that came with its own set of limitations. All these challenges led to unsatisfactory customer experience and created barriers to exploit the full potential of the market. Our Canadian partner Yaksa set out to change all of this.

Objectives for the solution:

Enrich product offering
and fluid ecommerce

Enable scaling and extensibility
as new opportunities arise

Develop a customized platform to meet budget and business needs


Yaksa built e→d films’ new website using Umbraco and Ucommerce to meet the demands of the studio’s goals and requirements. The chosen technology made it possible to customize and modernize the online store and the entire website experience as well as simplify the management of the site. This, in turn, has resulted in great cost savings by improving productivity.


Thanks to Yaksa’s implementation of a customized platform based on Umbraco an Ucommerce, e→d films is able to efficiently manage their online business on a daily basis.

The animation studio is now equipped with a fast and functional website with a flexible and easy-to-manage webshop serving as a new revenue stream.

The numbers speak for themselves - according to e→d films, their qualified traffic has increased to 250%, and recurring visitors grew to 300%!


Ucommerce and Umbraco were the perfect fit to provide our client a complete content commerce platform. Easy to customize and evolve, this great award winning animation studio and digital tools lab had full control to express their creative vision, tell their stories and sell their software online.
Nils Cayrol CEO, Yaksa

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