Optimized e-commerce and refined user experience for employees & visitors




  • Revamped user experience for A-Apoteket employees
  • Positive and significant surge in revenue


  • Offer a user-friendly webshop for customers
  • Refine the order management experience for employees


Challenge of https://apoteket-online.dk/ was that employees experienced a very inconvenient and inflexible order management system, and customers had the same experience in the online store. That’s why the pharmacy decided to revamp its e-commerce solution. Employees had difficulty managing orders, and all branches required a cohesive order management experience. In addition, the pharmacy also wanted to boost the user experience and make every visit more pleasant for customers. Therefore, the new solution had to be suitable for employees and for https://apoteket-online.dk/ visitors.


Ucommerce Powerhouse Partner, Alpha Solutions, stepped in to build an e-commerce platform from the ground up. One of the essentials was that the agency had to ensure a way to present available products in the local store, which demanded a sophisticated system. In addition, the solution had to comply with the Danish legislation of pharmacies which says that they must always offer the cheapest medication available with the same active substance. 

For convenient, user-friendly e-commerce, Alpha Solutions chose three systems: Sitecore CMS, Ucommerce as an e-commerce platform, and inriver PIM. Ucommerce was utilized as the commercial shell and built on technologies such as pipelines or Marketing Foundation. Ucommerce serves as an underlying basis and foundation for the whole commerce part of the site.


https://apoteket-online.dk/ individualized every pharmacy branch with a unique store unit. Each pharmacy has individual master data: opening hours, location, prices, and stock. A new setup allows customers to quickly get information about the nearest pharmacy and stock of required medication. 

One of the essential features of the solution is that it makes it possible to get prescription-required medications. With NemID or MitID (log-in solution for Danish Internet banks, government websites and some other private companies), a visitor can immediately see the prescribed medicine and order it. Customers can pick it up at the pharmacy or get the home delivery on the same day if they place an order before noon.

Finally, the integration of Ucommerce enhanced employee satisfaction. A new system provides a user-friendlier interface. It helps employees manage orders, change order status, print package labels, send e-mails to customers, and add internal comments easily, intuitively, and effectively.

The support from Ucommerce has been decent. We have received quick response about questions regarding Ucommerce’s possibilities and limitations. We have also frequently received suggestions and ideas to code snippets

About A-Apoteket

A-Apoteket is a chain of pharmacies with an association of Danish pharmacists, consisting of more than 200 pharmacies in Denmark. Almost every other Danish pharmacist is a part of A-Apoteket.

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About Alpha-Solutions 

Alpha Solutions builds technology-based solutions for human-driven needs and serve to strengthen and develop businesses by optimizing innovative digital solutions.Alpha Solutions can become your collaborator in your next Sitecore + Ucommerce digital endeavour. Meet them in the Partner Story.

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