Advanced Campaign Management

Features like product discounts or promo codes are easy to create with our Marketing Foundation. But straight out-of-the-box there is even more advanced marketing features for you.

Time Limited Marketing Campaigns

Sense-of-urgency is always a good tool to get customers to react to a campaign.

Campaigns in Marketing Foundation can be time limited, and grouped together so you fx. can easily create specific offers during christmas. Or have a 24 hour offer that automatically expires at midnight.

Store Specific Campaigns

On uCommerce Enterprise solutions, being able to run individual campaigns on specific stores from within the same interface, is a huge deal.

A typical scenario is running two shops on the same backend, one geared towards B2C and the other towards B2B. In this scenario you don't want to run the same campaign on both of those shops, but you don't want to have to log into two different interfaces too to manage everything.

Need something else?

As with everything else in uCommerce, Marketing Foundation is build with what we call a "Framework-First" philosophy. This means that even if what you want can't be done out-of-the-box, we supply you the tools to write exactly the functionality that your projects requires yourself.



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