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Ucommerce for Kentico

Ucommerce for Kentico combines Kentico's CMS and online marketing platform with a powerful and fully integrated set of enterprise class e-commerce features.

This new e-commerce platform for Kentico is “multi in every aspect” offering multiple stores, multiple catalogs, multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple price points, multiple shipments and much more.

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If you want to do even more commerce on Kentico

With Kentico and Ucommerce in combination, you get a commerce-first platform that is tightly integrated to the core of Kentico making it the ideal fit for all your e-commerce projects and needs. This is for you who want to work with enhanced e-commerce and do even more commerce on Kentico than ever before.

Ucommerce for Kentico is "multi in every aspect"

Multiple stores

Ucommerce is a true omni-channel platform, that goes beyond the webshop and provides a multi-channel offering for companies working across brands, markets, B2C and B2B or even as a POS or in-store kiosk.

Multiple catalogs

In Ucommerce a product is not a content item, but can exist in multiple different catalogs, giving the Digital Merchant full flexibility over the product catalog, in building the architecture of the webshop.

Multiple languages

Born with international capabilities in terms of language, Ucommerce supports both any kind of international/geographical expansion out-of-the-box and the language capabilities of the website and your CMS.

Multiple currencies

Working internationally requires applying multiple currencies to one product, which works seamlessly with Ucommerce. In addition, Ucommerce has integrations to more than 25 payment providers across the world.

Multiple price points

Ucommerce also handles typical B2B scenarios, with multiple price points on a product, allowing for complex price scenarios. The flexible and extendable architecture even allows for complete integration with ERP.

Multiple shipments

Handling multiple shipment locations and differentiated shipments is an easy drag and drop functionality built into Ucommerce Order Management, which also can be extended to Click and Collect functionality.

And that is only a fraction of what is in the Ucommerce for Kentico platform, so have a look at all the other great features in the platform:

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“You now have access to a seamlessly integrated CMS and e-commerce solution that can go up against the likes of any other enterprise solution on the market today. If your company markets products digitally through email, the web, or the growing Internet of Things (IoT), and if selling online is a major part of your business, then you must take a serious look at the CMS First/Commerce First solution being offered by Kentico and Ucommerce.”

Petr Palas
Kentico Software

Also good to know

Who is Kentico?

Kentico is one of the world’s leading .NET based Content Management Systems, recognized by both Forrester and Gartner. With Kentico you can create cutting-edge websites and map your customer experience across multiple channels.

Free online training

Ucommerce offers free online developer training through our Masterclass certification program. It is a four (half) day course where you will learn how to build shops and follow best "Ucommerce" practices in general.

What about pricing?

We believe in transparency in pricing, so we will work with one specific price point for Ucommerce for Kentico, regardless of your Kentico version. The cost will be market specific, but the base cost will be €5.999 per production server per year.

Awesome API

Not two commerce solutions are the same, which is why Ucommerce was built "framework first" from the very first line of code, where the need for a rock-solid foundation was essential.

Open and extendable

Commerce is business critical, so integration with business systems are crucial, which is why we have developed a specific framework to handle integration with 3rd party systems - Uconnector.

The Ucommerce Buddy

The key to high project quality and success is not only about software that actually works. It is about starting out correctly and about the people involved in the process.


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