Uccelerate Installation Guide

Step 1. Install Ucommerce

To install Uccelerate first you need to have a working ucommerce installed. To do this follow instructions on Ucommerce For Umbraco over here. We recommend that you do a local installation from NuGet.

Step 2. Install Uccelerate Package

When installing the package you have the option of installing it with or without the Uccelerate catalog and content. By default, the catalog will be installed, but if you don't want the Uccelerate Ucommerce content and catalog you can simply add the code below before the installation to your web.config's appSetting.

<add key="UccelerateInstallContent" value="false" />

When you have a running Ucommerce installation you can install the package provided to you on the purchase. The installation is a standard Umbraco package installation. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Umbraco site and go to the Developer section.
  2. Click on Packages
  3. Click on Install local
  4. Drag in the Uccelerate package
  5. Accept terms of use and click Install Package

Installation on Umbraco Cloud

If you intend to host the solution on Umbraco Cloud we recommend that you run the installation locally first and then push it to cloud to insure that all files and changes from the installation is commited to git.

Step 3. License

After installation, you need to install the license provided to you on purchase. You do this the same way you install the ucommerce license. You simply add the Uccelerate.key to your root folder and restart the site.

Step 4. Node structure

Create the following node structure

And for multilingual sites:

In order to make this work you also need to connect the "Site"-node to the "Settings Site"-node. To do this click on the "Site"-node and go to the advanced tab:

Under Settings -> Shop you also need to point to the corresponding pages for Search Page, Order Confirmed Page, Checkout Page

Approved Color Picker

To change the color pickers to match the site branding go to Developer / Data Types / Color pickers. Remove the last color from UCC - Background - Approved Color and UCC - Theme - Approved Color and add the new color.

Image Crops

Uccelerate uses two crops that you need to add to the "Image Cropper" -Data Type.
Go to Developer / Data Types and click on Image Cropper, add the following crop sizes:
post - 500x500
avatar - 100x100


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