Ucommerce Technical Support

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Basic Support
€1000 /yr/prj
1000 £ /yr/prj
1000 $/yr/prj
1000 AU$ /yr/prj

This is our basic support offering, for quick fixes and minor issues.

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • SLA 48

Ucommerce Buddy Support
€4.499 /yr/prj
We recommend the buddy for enterprise projects or where you want the best technical guidance and solutions!

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • SLA 24
  • Unlimited Ucommerce Expert Support
  • Single Point of Contact

Premium Support
€2.499 /yr/prj
This is our best value for money package, that will help you along.

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • SLA 24
  • 10 hours Ucommerce Expert Support

Basic Support
Premium Support
Buddy Support
Please visit eureka.ucommerce.net
Please visit academy.ucommerce.net
Self-paced training
Please visit docs.ucommerce.net
Any unlimited services are subject to a Fair Usage Policy
Email Support
We will respond to Email Support with 48 hours on workdays. Email and Online meetings with an Ucommerce Expert are NOT covered by SLA.
48 hours
24 hours
24 hours
Any unlimited services are subject to a Fair Usage Policy
Ucommerce Expert
10 hours
Online Meetings
Best Practices
Code Review
Customization Advice
Architecture Review and Assessment
Security Audit
Single Point of Contact
All prices is per year per project.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Updated: October 1st, 2018

Can I use Email Support for consulting?

Email support is for technical troubleshooting. If you need guidance, advice, reviews or similar - you need a Ucommerce Expert.

I have not paid for support and I need help now!

We really want to help you, so hurry up and contact your local sales rep or [email protected]  – and we’ll get right on it.

Where is the Forum?
I have asked a question in the Forum but no one is answering?

We really want to help everyone but we only have so much time...
The forum is community driven and there are no guarantees that you will get an answer.

How can I get started with the self paced training?
Where is the official documentation?
When can I expect an answer?

Email Support is covered by the SLA, but we usually answer much quicker!
Ucommerce Experts usually answer emails on daily basis and set up meetings as soon as possible.

I have used my 10 hours with a Ucommerce Expert, can I buy additional hours?

Sure, please contact your local sales rep. or [email protected]

What's the min. time usage with a Ucommerce Expert?

½ hour or part thereof

Can I access the Ucommerce Expert before I have a Ucommerce License?

No, you need to have a paid Ucommerce License before you can access an Ucommerce Expert. You need to provide a valid license key when you contact us.

Is Ucommerce Buddy Support really unlimited?

Yes, and no. There is a fair usage policy so that the plan cannot be abused. We will be in close contact so that we can find a solution if you are in violation of fair use.

Can I use an Ucommerce Expert for non ucommerce related questions and issues?

You pay us by the hour, so we can and will assist you in any way you need! But, we are only experts in Ucommerce with knowledge from prior cases and customers that we can share. If we don't feel confident, we will be told that your question is outside our area of expertise.

I have a questions about pricing or licensing?

If you have any questions about pricing or licensing, please contact your local sales rep. or [email protected]

I have bought my license before October 1, 2018 - How am I covered?

Any license bought before October 1, 2018, has free Email Support. If the license had a Buddy assigned, the buddy is still available until go live.

Email Support vs Ucommerce Expert

Email support is meant for technical troubleshooting and general help with out of the box features. Ucommerce Experts is for more advanced scenarios and work with you 1-on-1 for the best possible solution for your requirements.

Typical questions for Email Support
  • My license will not activate, what can I do?
Typical questions for Ucommerce Experts
  • How can I integrate with my PIM/DAM/ERP?

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