Uccelerate Release Notes


October 19, 2018

    • Fixed special characters in URL
    • Fixed timeout on search


Ucceleate 0.2.1

August 29, 2018

  • Buttons in footer and grid
  • Filter is populated with Ajax in category view
  • Counter on Filter items
  • Set search to specific shop
  • Multiple variations on product
  • All productlists is now loaded over Ajax.
  • Removed partial view /Views/Partials/Shared/Product.cshtml
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Minor bug fixes and UI updates

Ucceleate 0.1.9

August 14, 2018

  • Collapse and sticky option on filterpanels
  • Set product width on related products
  • Set image width on Gallery and Instagram Feed
  • UI improvements for product variations
  • Improved form validation in checkout
  • Terms and conditions option in checkout
  • Alternative shipping address in checkout
  • Additional Fields option in checkout
  • Minor bug fixes and UI updates

Ucceleate 0.1.8

June 1, 2018

  • Removed payment and shipping cost from basket price.
  • Added payment cost to summary in checkout.
  • Changed from UcommerceAPI using ServiceStack to WebAPI
  • Added options Height & Draw Line in the Line Break widget.
  • Added option Button Size in the Button widget
  • Empty cart message on checkout page
  • "Allow ordering"-check for custom buy buttons
  • Ability to set Product Width on Product List, Product Category and Search Page
  • Minor bug fixes and UI updates

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