Ucommerce integration with Perfion

PIM is key to your e-commerce success

Optimize your commerce experience with enhanced PIM capabilities and burst your webshop with valuable product information!


Re-use and publish all your product information to online storefront without any effort.


Always be in control of the information and save time by using single source of truth.


Manage all your data using the leading systems in both the e-commerce and PIM industries.

100% integrated

Enjoy the perfect flow of data between Perfion, Ucommerce and Dynamics and always be in sync.

All your data sources brought together. Simple as that.

For Ucommerce, content and commerce are inseparable – you simply can’t have one without the other if you want your e-commerce solution to be successful.

Our beliefs go along with the modern customer’s expectations which prioritize consistency of product content. By supplying the consumer with those, the Digital Merchant is rewarded with brand loyalty in no time.

Using PIM as the foundation for Ucommerce guarantees not only providing your customers with accurate and detailed product content but doing so in a time-efficient and easy way.

Multi in every aspect

Easily control multiple stores, catalogs, products, prices, languages and currencies.

Content and commerce connected

Give the best shopping experience to your customers by putting the right content in the right context, at the right time.

Best of breed

Experience the luxury of working with the leading platforms in the e-commerce and PIM industries.


Manage, reuse and publish all your product data fast and without any effort.


Customize Ucommerce in any way you want with our open and extensible API.

Fully integrated

Generate a webshop with content updated in real-time, always in perfect sync.

The Holy Trinity for the Digital Merchant

Content Management Systems, E-commerce Platforms and Product Information Management Systems. None of these are new. They have all been around for ages. But a true and tightly integrated Content, Commerce and Product Information Management ecosystem is rarely seen.

Why not just manage my products directly in Ucommerce?

Whether or not you could benefit from implementing a PIM systems in your business depends on several different factors. Obviously, if you do not have that many products and their complexity is fairly low, you are more than well-suited with the Catalog Foundation in Ucommerce which acts as a “light-weight PIM”.

You can benefit highly from implementing a PIM system if your online store can be identified by any of the following features:

Large amount of SKUs
Many products with complex combinations
Product data used across different channels
Frequent introduction of new products
Product information updates received from multiple sources
Need to integrate to other systems
Widely spread user teams
Frequent and fast product updates
High need of "Single source of product information truth"

Why PIM is key to your e-commerce success

For decades, product data has been the lifeblood of many large enterprises. Now, in the age of the customer, eBusiness leaders and marketers are critically reliant not only on their product data, but on curated product content to provide differentiated digital experiences.
The combination of Perfion PIM and Ucommerce results in a very strong standard solution. Web shops with good and comprehensive product descriptions convert visitors to buyers much better than shops without. Add to that the power of having two platforms both built with best-of-breed in mind.
Jan Nørret CEO, Perfion
The number of orders in the webshop increases steadily as we import more and more detailed product information, images and other data into Perfion. The more products we present optimally in the webshop, the more we sell.

See how Joanna from Marketing creates catalogs in no time and ensures eCommerce success

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