Order Management Foundation

Ucommerce offers a fully featured Order Management and Fulfillment System enabling you to work with true Omni Channel Retailing.

Whether you want to manage your orders and shipments within Ucommerce directly or within your ERP through integration, Ucommerce is the platform for you. We will give you a pre-configured order management flow that you can use "as is" or you can customize you very own flow that matches the way your business work with orders.

Everything in one place

Having all your orders in one place makes handling, shipment and fulfillment very easy. You have a lot of options to sort and group orders in many different ways to make your overview as smooth as possible.  

Find and edit orders with ease

The built in search function makes it easy to find orders and make changes on behalf of the customer. Need to order status changes manually? No problem! You are in full control and can move orders back and forth according to your own defined order process. 


We are in many ways still highly dependent on "pen and paper" and that also counts in the world of ecommerce. You still need the ability to print your orders and list for both the customer and for e.g. the warehouse staff that you might have to do the packaging. All this you can easily configure and manage through the "Print" capabilities that you have in Ucommerce.


The wonderful world of shipping is truly a tangle of complicated business rules and pricing. At Ucommerce we realized this long ago thus we do not try to supply every single shipping method known to man in the box. Rather we built a framework to allow you, to configure and build whatever you need. Indeed this is at the very core of our Framework First methodology.

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