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No e-commerce solution is an island, every system needs to integrate with something else. Wether being backend systems like ERP's, CRM's, WMS' or PIM's, or external systems like Analytics packages, E-mail Service Providers or various Online Marketing Systems.

Because Ucommerce is build around a framework-first model it means that everything is plugable and expandable. So you can grab hold of every part of the system and integrate with it, manipulate it or exchange it with your own parts through our API.

Integrating with other systems can get both tricky and complex in our experience. Every eCommerce solution out there is unique, and every business has different requirements to how they want to handle integration. This is why you do not see us trying to make one-size-fits-all standard integration plugable module towards all the different big systems out there, because in the end something like that would just end up being massive and complex and would still miss some little feature that someone out there wants customized.

Instead we want to give our partners and developers the tools to make any type of integration that any business out there can dream of. And make those tools so easy and flexible to use that it cuts a ton of time off the development process.

And we believe we have given you the tools to accomplish virtually any integration scenario imaginable by fully exposing our core through the API, which is available in all our editions even the Free one.

Making integration even easier and better with Uconnector

Although all manners of integration is possible through our API, doing it in a modular, stable and scalable fashion can still be a lot of work. That is why we have developed our addon product uConnector, giving you even better tools when doing integration.

Read all about Uconnector

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