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One of the features that sets Ucommerce apart from the competition is that it is seamlessly integrated into a real Content Management System. This gives you the best of two worlds: The ease of Content Management from a real Content Management System, and the manageability of an e-commerce system when it comes to handling many products and orders.

Ucommerce is at the moment integrated into Umbraco and Sitecore. And we're not kidding when we say "integrated", in fact when we have done backend usability tests the user hasn't been able to identify where the CMS stops and Ucommerce begins.

Fully customizable product presentation

Ucommerce takes advantage of the build in template system in the CMS, which means you have full control over the HTML markup and can present your shop and your products just the way your designer wants to.

When you have full control over your markup it means that we don't limit what you can do do, wether it be A/B-testing, unique designs or do microdata markup.

Fully customizable checkout flow

Optimizing checkout dropout rates are important to every e-tailer, both B2B and B2C. And every shop usually has some special requirement to their particular checkout process, wether it be special shipping methods, payment providers or wants to ask the customer for extra information.

Just as Ucommerce uses Umbraco's template system for product presentation, we also use the normal content "Nodes" or documents for controlling the checkout process.

This means you can easily define your own steps or edit the ones that come out of the box. And they are edited the way that any Umbraco CMS developers are already used to.

Manage content

Being integrated into Umbraco means that it is easy for you to create and manage all of your content.

But Umbraco is also integrated into Ucommerce through packages, that allows you to "link" information from the Content Management System into the e-commerce system.

This is an extremely powerfull combination missing from most other e-commerce platforms out there, that allows for some unique posibilities. For example the ability to create theme based custom landing pages across several categories of products in the shop.

A truly powerfull feature for any online marketeer that allows them to create all the landing pages that they crave, both for PPC and SEO purposes.

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