Partner Summit 2017

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our annual Global Partner Summit this August.  The event will be especially designed in a way, where we can showcase all aspects of the platform. You will get insights fresh out from the kitchen and a sneak peek behind the scenes on the newest updates around Ucommerce.

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3 reasons to attend

Here at Ucommerce, we like to invite you - as a trusted partner - to come meet us and talk with us about everything that is moving your world, and how we can help each other build mutual business. We do this – at least – once a year, where we celebrate our partnership and look at how we can take it to the next level. You have invested time, money and resources in this partnership, and we want to thank you for that.

Meet the Makers

Ucommerce is much more than software. It’s first and foremost people. Not only the people building the actual platform, but also all the people and partners building a vibrant eco system around Ucommerce. Come and meet some of our partners such as Umbraco, Kentico, Perfion, Raptor and many more.

Where are we going?

Get insights to the Ucommerce strategy, where we present our ideas about the future of commerce and get a sneak peak on some of the improvements in the platform, that are right around the corner. See it as your chance to get ahead of the game and be able serve your opinion on, not only what is in the platform today, but also what can be expected in the months and years to come.

But let us not forget!

This is also a social event, where you get the chance to speak with all your colleagues from the business of e-commerce, and compare experiences and challenges. We are fortunate in this country, that we can meet and share ideas and thoughts and everything is always more interesting with a cold beer from draught in one hand.

Friday August 11th


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Product Advisory Board

As Ucommerce Power House this is the chance to be heard and provide feedback to Ucommerce.

This first session is exclusively for Power Houses. Get in touch with Anders Stentebjerg, Global Partner Manager for more information.




Hello & welcome

Anders Stentebjerg, Global Partner Manager, Ucommerce
Beyond the Partner Program.



Søren Spelling Lund, Founder & CEO Ucommerce
What’s been going on in Ucommerce this last year and what have we been up to? Get the latest and greatest from inside the trenches of Ucommerce - all about the global expansion, the new partnerships and this new thing called LUX. Søren will talk about a brand new mindset of Ucommerce and how we have grown over the last year, both from a company perspective and a product perspective. This talk will set the stage for the rest of the day, so if everything else fails - this is where you need to be.



Morten Skjoldager, Lead Developer, Ucommerce
Get a sneak peak in to the future of Ucommerce. This talk will demonstrate the latest from project LUX (Light Weight User Experience) and what to expect from the Ucommerce platform in the future.





Bart Omlo, VP Sales EMEA & Latin America at Kentico Software
Kentico is the newest addition to the Ucommerce family, where we just recently announced our partnership and upcoming integration. We will be making our official launch together with Kentico 11 this fall. The partnership is based on the realization, that increasing complexity and customer requirements, encourages both platforms to focus on what they do best, and then make the integration to give the partners and customers the best of both worlds.





Per Ploug, Partner, Umbraco
Ucommerce was born in Umbraco and we have stayed true to Umbraco ever since. We have followed Umbraco every step of the way, most recently with our integration into Umbraco Cloud, and we will continue to follow Umbraco in the future. Come and hear from the one of the partners at Umbraco, Per Ploug, on their plans for the future and their view on commerce.


Tech Talks




Some of our Technology Partners will showcase how easy and valued it is to extend the Ucommerce platform.


The Future of (U)commerce

Søren Spelling Lund, Founder & CEO Ucommerce
We constantly keep talking about Content & Commerce, but what does it actually mean? Why do we insist on calling the E-commerce Manager a Digital Merchant and what does this have to do with the vision of Ucommerce? At the final talk of the day, Søren will elaborate on the fundamental challenge of Ucommerce and what we believe will be the defining characteristic of a modern day commerce platform.


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MVP Award & Dinner

Socialising, networking, dinner and of course announce new MVPs as well as Power Houses.


Beyond the Summit

While the day is jam-packed with sessions we also provide the space for attendees to learn and share ideas and knowledge with one another. We know this is important – also in a Ucommerce space.


Søren Spelling LUnd


Søren is the founder and front figure of Ucommerce. He is an e-commerce architect with long experience and have been awarded Microsoft MVP year over year for his dedication and engagement within the .NET community.

Martin Sandvad


Martin is Partner and CCO at Ucommerce and has been with the company for more that 5 years. Martin just got back from Boston where he spent the last 1½ years establishing Ucommerce on the US market.

Anders Stentebjerg


As Partner Manager at Ucommerce Anders' main role is to help you, our partners, creating the best commerce experiences for your customers. Next to that, it is Anders' responsibility to make sure that you, as a Ucommerce Partner, are up to date with the latest training and product information.

Per Ploug


Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500's and some of the largest media sites in the world.

Bart Omlo


Kentico is the only all-in-one ASP.NET CMS that fully integrates Web Content Management, E-commerce, Online Marketing, and Intranet on one platform.

Morten Skjoldager


Morten is a full stack developer, trainer and technical lead on project LUX.

Kenneth Boll

Raptor Services 

Raptor Services provide datadriven Multichannel Personalization. Our technology helps webshops, retailers, and content providers to deliver relevant offers and contents to their customers regardless of touchpoints.

Thomas Andersen


Webshipr integrate and automate shipping processes for ecommerce. There goal is to make life as s webshop owner easier, so that they have the time to focus on business – not freight, pickup, tracking or other hasles when it comes to shipping and logistics.

Hans-Henrik Andersen


Product information scattered across multiple systems is costing you valuable time and increasing the risk of error. Perfion PIM gives you full control of your data, freeing up your valuable time for core tasks instead of searching for information and managing various systems.



Ucommerce Global Partner Summit will be held at LYNfabrikken, Aarhus located downtown in the city’s cultural core.

The name “LYNfabrikken” actuallly means ‘Lightning Factory’ in danish, so the former factory building tucked away in a charming backyard in the middle of Aarhus is the perfect home for this undertaking.

Vestergade 49
8000 Aarhus C

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Sign up here no later than August 2nd.

All you need to know

August 11th 2017

Vestergade 49
8000 Aarhus C

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The event is free for all Ucommerce partners.

Please reach out to Anders Stentebjerg, Global Partner Manager. Phone +45 51908875 or [email protected]



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