When to choose Ucommerce in Sitecore

This is the positioning originally developed by Sitecore Commerce EMEA. It aligns with the uCommerce positioning in the SMB space, both B2C and B2B, and shows how uCommerce is a more Out-of-the-Box solution aimed at the SMB market in Sitecore. As uCommerce has both B2B and B2C features, it is readily available for a large segment of customers in the Sitecore space.

In terms of the second chart, uCommerce is the preferred choice in the low and medium segment, but overlaps into the high segment on parameters like globalisation, number of SKU’s where we have solutions up towards 250.000 and numbers of monthly orders, where we can easily go beyond the 10.000 a month mark.

Positioning chart for integrated Commerce platforms

From Cart to Enterprise Commerce



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