MVP Program

We believe in people – and without people software is nothing. The Ucommerce MVP programme recognizes the great people that push our platform forward and create the real value behind Ucommerce.

The Ucommerce MVP's of 2019


What does it take to become a Ucommerce MVP?

Besides all the fame, money and glory coming your way one question must have popped up in your mind: "How do I stay here on top of the Ucommerce world"? Well, we call it "The Holy Trinity of the Ucommerce MVP". Within the following 12 months, you must complete all of the following.


Public Contribution

First of all, you need to make a *Public Contribution*. This can be a blog post, a talk on a conference or some other form of public effort to talk about and promote Ucommerce.

Tech/Business Contribution

Then there is the *Technical/Business Contribution*. This could be an app in our app platform, an extension of our Open Source projects, being active in the community on Eureka or making a business case.

1 Ucommerce project

Finally you must have been a lead or somehow been involved in at least 1 new Ucommerce project within the coming 12 months, to maintain your status.

Ucommerce MVP Award Application

Submitting an application for an Ucommerce MVP Award is a voluntary exercise and is based on participation in the community. I realize that I am not guaranteed to be awarded the Ucommerce MVP Award based on submitting this nomination form. Nominating and awarding the Ucommerce MVP Award is solely the responsibility of Ucommerce and I understand that even though I have met all the criteria in my application, no guarantee can be made to actually achieve a Ucommerce MVP Award.

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