UPDATE: Ucommerce 9 Release Date is Postponed Two Weeks

Due to the change of circumstances (read: Covid-19), we have to postpone the release date by two weeks.

Covid-19 has had massive implications for many companies. We find ourselves in a fortunate position where we are able to do business as usual. Well, almost as usual. All Ucommercians are working from home which naturally imposes some difficulties. As a result, we have come to the conclusion that to ensure the quality of the new release, we have to postpone it a bit. We are of course very sorry for the delay and the inconvenience this might cause for some of you.


The new release date of Ucommerce 9 is:  15/04/2020 


However, it is important to state that we are not changing anything about the release itself. Ucommerce 9 will be just as awesome as we have proclaimed it will be. 


In regard to the webinar, which we are hosting tomorrow on the 25th of March, there will be no changes. We are hosting the webinar as planned and Søren Spelling Lund is just as excited to talk about Ucommerce 9 and to show it off as before. If you have not signed up for the webinar yet, you can still make it. Click here to read more and to sign up


We hope this has provided some clarification of our choice and the circumstances that have led to this decision. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Either send us an email or call us at: +45 61 799 997

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