Ucommerce 9.5 Launch Event: Promotions App, Headless API, and the premiere of a new service!

On the 8th of September, we hosted the Ucommerce 9.5 Launch Event! We were thrilled to receive so much interest and excitement from all the participants. If you missed joining the event and want to know more about the new release - we got your back. This blog post will cover all the highlights of the Ucommerce 9.5 Launch Event.

An easier workflow with the revamped Promotions App

Our Frontend Developer, Petr Ilnystky, presented a live demo of the revamped User Interface for the Promotions App, previously known as the Ucommerce Marketing Foundation. We always want to ensure the best experience with Ucommerce; therefore, the new release is based on our users’ feedback and includes changes in 3 areas.

Firstly, we updated the terminology within the Promotions App to bring less confusion. You can read more in detail about the particular changes and reasoning behind them in our post from the Ucommerce 9.5 Preview Event. 

After receiving the feedback about users finding it counterintuitive to set up promotions, we decided to make the process more user-friendly in the newest release. During the live demo, Petr walked us through all the changes we made to the Promotions App’s workflow, which will now be much easier to navigate.

Finally, we updated the User Interface for the promotions to match the new, modern look of Ucommerce. Completing the new design of the Promotions App means that we are almost done with upgrading our User Interface for the whole product. 

While we already showed part of the new workflow and User Interface of the Promotions App at the Ucommerce 9.5 Preview Event, this time, we also included the Campaigns feature in the presentation.

Starting with Ucommerce 9.5, the “Marketing” app has been replaced with “Promotions” There you can see the list of all the campaigns - you can edit them, delete, and browse the list of promotions that are linked to a specific campaign. Additionally, you can prioritize your campaigns and promotions much easier with the new “drag and drop” functionality. All the underlying promotion rules such as criteria and discounts have been upgraded with a more streamlined user experience.

Overall, the new UI and workflow for the Campaigns are much easier to understand and more intuitive to work with, even for new users. 

Don’t miss out on seeing the demo yourself 👇

Partners, empower your projects with the new service!

The mystery guest of the event - Mads Magnus Due - presented a new service for Ucommerce Partners with Premium or Buddy Support packages: the Solution Architect. The service allows you to quickly gain some extra resources for a project that you might not find internally at the moment. Now, you can hire a Solution Architect for your projects regardless of the stage of your e-commerce journey.

The purpose of this new service is to ensure that your team has all the relevant know-how to overcome arising challenges and help identify all the potential risks. You can even get help in coding if there is a tight deadline for your projects!

Are you feeling stuck? Getting started? Want help in seeing the big picture for the future? Solution Architect is ready to come in:

  • At the beginning of your project and help you scope the project.
  • In the development process, before your solution goes live.
  • At the end of your project, when reviewing your final solution.

Solution Architect is there for you to experience as little friction working with Ucommerce as possible. It can help you get additional resources and support at the moment you need the most. 

You can reach out to [email protected] and get more information or read more about the service on our website.

Hear more about the service from Mads himself! 👇

What’s new within the Ucommerce roadmap?

Our CPO & Founder, Søren Spelling Lund, introduced what is awaiting for Ucommerce in the future!

Earlier this year, we launched a new mission to ensure that Ucommerce is used for mission-critical e-commerce projects for a particular type of customer. Our goal is to make sure that our partners can use Ucommerce in such a way with training, documentation, Solution Architect provided by us, so it all results in great solutions for your clients.

The next step for Ucommerce is to become available in more modes. Søren presented a three-step plan of such execution in the next three years. 

The first step is going Headless. This means developing a new API that goes with all the migrations we will be doing. When we complete the first step, Ucommerce will proceed with building a managed cloud. Finally, Ucommerce will transition into a fully SaaS, cloud-native platform. These steps will enable more efficient work and scaling opportunities for both - Ucommerce and partners working with the platform.

If you are interested in hearing more about the roadmap, hear Søren’s full presentation below. 

How are we losing our heads to become Headless? 

Headless and Cloud Developer, Mads Larsen, joined Ucommerce three months ago to kick off our journey towards Headless. At the Launch Event, he presented the most essential points explaining why Headless is worth a wait! 

Mads made sure to highlight why Headless is important both for us and you. One of the crucial parts of this journey is that Headless enables you to be tech-agnostic. Sometimes working with Ucommerce on WordPress or using it in an Angular application are possible steps. However, they require a lot of work. When Ucommerce goes Headless, such implementation will be much easier and not tied to specific CMS, as it is right now. 

Once we take this step, all Ucommerce users will work with it seamlessly in WordPress, Angular, Vue, and more! This significant step in the journey will ensure a faster time-to-market, open up new security possibilities for your website, and introduce more flexibility during your projects. 

With Headless API, we will still prioritize having a framework-first mindset. We will enable you to call external sources to change, remove, add, and manage pipelines through our Headless API. 

Would you like to know more about Ucommerce going Headless? Check out all the insights in the video below! 

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