Product update: Ucommerce 9 & 10

An update on Ucommerce 10, Ucommerce 9, and a peek at our 2023 roadmap

We’re glad to be back

To our partners, friends and other collaborators: Thank you for all the inquiries and questions about Ucommerce moving forward and the status of cumulative updates for Ucommerce 9. We openly admit that it has been too long since we had a product update. So, with this we hope to give you and everybody else interested in our progress as much of a deep dive as we can at this point.

Increased frequency in updates

First, this year, you will notice an increase in the frequency of updates. We want to make planning for new projects and upgrades easier. Transparent communication is our way to keep you in the loop about Ucommerce 9 and progress on our biggest project yet: Ucommerce 10.

Ucommerce 10

Let's start with Ucommerce 10. If you are still determining the primary goal for the next major Ucommerce release, please read our previous product updates. Here you'll find an outline of our plans. We've been designing and building the product since 2022. Deadlines take a backseat as we, most importantly, want to deliver a product you'll love. You can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss any updates and see changes to the scope and planned features. 

We'll shortly start releasing more technical blog posts about specific areas of Ucommerce 10, focus on the first rounds of alpha tests for partners, collect feedback, and continue to do so until launch. We are also evaluating when onboarding for alpha builds, and pilot projects become possible and will let you know in due time.

Ucommerce 9

As for Ucommerce 9, you can expect incremental updates with bug fixes and new features until the release of Ucommerce 10. All improvements are on your feedback and bug reports. In January, we released a patch update (9.6.4) and the 9.7 release with new Headless APIs, a new Sitecore installer, and many significant improvements and bug fixes.

If you want to get in touch…

Once again, we appreciate your interest and feedback, and for any further requests, please feel free to catch us via your Ucommerce contact person or send us a mail.

If you are interested in finding out whether Ucommerce might be a fit as a partner or as the e-commerce engine that can ignite your online store or stores, you can reach out to our Partner Management Team or simply book a demo.

Infrastructure – Installation – Independence

We present a product update & process overview. The article covers three process parts: Infrastructure, Installation, and Independence. Read the article and follow our progress to Ucommerce 10!
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