Roadmap: What You Can Expect and When

We have been talking about our two projects; Bolt and Kondo for a while now but it is time to introduce you to our roadmap for the next four quarters. 

UPDATED 03/04/2020

On the 31rst of March On the 15th of April, we are releasing Ucommerce 9 which includes a bunch of new and exciting changes. Under Q1 below for both projects, you can read about what is included in the first release. We promise you that it is going to be awesome! 

Because we have a new release coming soon, we are encouraging you to sign up for our webinar on the 25th of March! Søren Spelling Lund will take you through Ucommerce 9 – what is included and which implications and possibilities there might be for you. Click here to read more about the webinar and to sign up. 



Project Bolt is the codename for our new API which is fast by default, safe by default, and scalable. The keywords are: Unification, performance, safe by default, and search. For a general introduction to Project Bolt, read our previous blog posts: Project Bolt: Search-Driven API and A look into our new API.


A new fast API for Ucommerce to enable developers to create fast e-commerce solutions with as little effort as possible.

BOLT API with transparent provider support for multiple search technologies based on  “Not LINQ”-paradigm, which takes the best elements of LINQ to create a recognizable API suited for search without bringing in concepts inapplicable to search, e.g. Where() is in, Group() is out.

Introduce the first search provider for BOLT API based on Lucene to enable developers to get up and running as quickly as possible with zero-touch setup. Please note that scaling out using BOLT V1 will not be available out of the box as a result, but can be achieved by building a custom search provider. Work on the ElasticSearch provider for BOLT will commence immediately upon release of BOLT V1 and will be made available in Q2’20.

RavenDB will no longer ship with Ucommerce after Q1 2020.


Enable BOLT API scalability across multiple servers.

Introduce a second provider for BOLT API based on ElasticSearch to enable deployment of search-tier on separate servers and multi-server scaling scenarios.

Indexing Engine to support configuration of indexing and indexes without requiring code to do so. Allow the indexing engine to run in a separate process for large-scale data scenarios, avoiding indexing adversely affecting the performance of the website.

Support for precalculated prices in indexes from Marketing Foundation to speed up front-end performance when discounts need to be calculated.


Get product information into Ucommerce as quickly and easily as possible via Bulk Import API.


Intentionally left open to address the feedback we receive for the BOLT API.



Project Kondo is the codename for the revitalization of the back office of Ucommerce. User experience and user-centric workflows are the centerpieces. The main four design principles are: Spark Joy, E-commerce First, Confident Users, and Focused Experiences. Read more about Project Kondo HERE.


Replace Catalog Foundation UIs. Modernize our web technology stack. Results in a faster UI experience and streamlining of existing workflows.


KONDO UI extensibility app support to enable system integrators to customize UIs and create all new UIs.


Marketing Foundation revamps to KONDO UI stack. Streamline workflows for discounts to more easily set up discounts and manage large scale promotions across multiple stores and markets. Performance improvements for applying discounts on the front-end.


Transaction Foundation revamps to KONDO UI stack. Introduce order management workflows not handled by OMS/ERPs: New split shipment and payment workflows. New customer management workflows. New return workflows.

We hope this provided some clarification on what we are working on and what is coming for you. However, we still encourage you to participate in our webinar on the 25th of March. Here, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Chief Product Officer and Founder, Søren Spelling Lund. Sign up by clicking here

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