Deep Dive: BOLT API

The celebration of the release of Ucommerce 9 is not over yet. We are still preparing various content to give you the best foundation of getting started working with V9. First up is a “watch and learn” workshop about BOLT API.

About a month ago, we hosted a workshop for a couple of partners where they had the opportunity to play around with V9 and give their initial feedback on the experience. The whole thing was recorded if you would like to see what BOLT looks like and hear about the thoughts that have gone into creating it.

The workshop serves as a deep dive into BOLT API where Søren Spelling Lund, CPO and Founder, and  Søren Skovsbøll, Senior Software Developer at Ucommerce, will walk you through the topics of creating category navigation, category page with product listing, and a product detail page as well as a general introduction to BOLT. It is a simple way to get familiar with BOLT API and the new ways of doing things since every step is explained and shown. 


Let’s Dive In 

Below you see the four videos that together make up the workshop. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please send them to [email protected]


Video 1: Introduction


Video 2: Category Navigation


Video 3: Category Page with Product Listing


Video 4: Product Details Page

Infrastructure – Installation – Independence

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