Vareo: A MarTech company in various ways


When the tech jungle is hard to navigate, a guide to knowing which way to go is essential. With +15 years of experience, Ucommerce Silver Partner Vareo helps their clients choose the right marketing approach and technology suited for their specific situations and goals.

Content + Commerce = <3

With the belief that content and commerce are inseparable, Vareo handles not only the implementation process but also emphasizes the importance of brand identity. In commerce, the ability to make the client stand out from the crowd is essential. This is where Ucommerce comes into the picture: Using Ucommerce with Sitefinity, Vareo tailors the e-commerce solution suited especially for their clients. 

“I am excited to see which new projects we will be working on together in the future and create a winner combo”.
Gorazd Planinc Founder & Owner

The Uber of marketing agencies 

Ucommerce Silver Partner Vareo has been successful in helping companies from the beginning of the process to the end by using their consultancy expertise. By outsourcing and using experts selected for the specific product, the small team can lift heavy tasks. When the problem is located, Vareo tailors the entire process for the customer to ensure a well-executed solution suited for the specific needs.

Tailored for Tailor

When Vareo got the case of creating a platform for the clothing retailer Tom Tailor, Vareo quickly pointed out the importance for Tom Tailor to stand out from the e-commerce crowd. Using Sitefinity combined with Ucommerce, Vareo used the opportunity to create a platform fitted for the vision of Tom Tailor.

When the global pandemic hit in 2019, it was clear to Tom Tailor that an e-commerce appearance would be necessary. Therefore, the fashion wholesaler and retailer partnered up with Vareo, who created a seamless e-commerce solution where the content and seamless integration with their legacy ERP system was the number one priority. You can read the full Success Story here.

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