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Toxic Powerhouse Partner

From a young teenager riding his bicycle to business meetings to a 60-employee agency with room for everyone, despite their gender, age, colour, or sexuality. That’s Toxic. (No connection to the Britney Spears hit 😉) The ambitious team behind the ambiguous name is always ready to create extraordinary experiences, whether digital or in a workplace environment.

Toxic has grown from a one-person army and now counts over 20 years of experience building innovative & creative digital customer experiences and technology while challenging the industry with its ability to innovate and outrun even its own creativity continuously.

Digital Rebels

As experts in the digital universe, Toxic uses its digital flair to create simple, accessible and fast digital solutions. 

With innovation being one of the most important drivers, Toxic is ready to help customers from system development, marketing, and design to web development. Intending to create digital successes, Toxic chose to partner up with Ucommerce - and is today one of our Powerhouse Partners.

"We chose to become Powerhouse with Ucommerce as it was a very good fit for Umbraco. Thanks to Ucommerce, we have been able to build easier e-commerce sites for our customers as it was pretty much plug n play"
Leslie Huynh Brand Manager

Codegarden - Umbraco Awards 2022

In June 2022, Umbraco hosted the annual Umbraco community event, Codegarden. Here, Umbraco Awards were given to Umbraco Partners, who had done a significantly good job. Toxic was competing in the categories: Best Cloud Solution and Best Education Sector Solution. 

As Toxic noted, they were proud of their hard work to be noticed! It was an honour for them to be nominated and a part of the top 3 - especially in such a highly skilled field. 

The opposite of a “Toxic” work environment

Inclusivity is one of the best ways to describe a digital company's culture. A relaxed and humorous culture allows people to be creative and innovative, creating room for sharing and executing ideas. Toxic proudly highlights the importance of accepting everyone; when you enter the room, a wide range of people will greet you, from tech-geeks, cycle enthusiasts, and heavy metal fans to bunny owners.  

With room for diversity, Toxic values their people – regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexuality. Leslie Huynh underlines the importance of equality, which plays a crucial role in Toxic’s DNA.

Helping customers and helping each other – is a vital part of Toxic activities. The company goes beyond its offices in living up to its strong beliefs. Being a part of the anti-bullying organisation “Friends” in Sweden and a part of the Swedish Cancer Society, Toxic shows how the company takes its social responsibility seriously. 

“We are a wide range of people gathered under one name who together delivered a high-quality product"
Leslie Huynh Brand Manager

Just a small-town boy

We bet – another hit in your mind? We couldn’t help but whistle it for the rest of the day when Leslie told us about the founder of Toxic – Kalle Ekstrand. 

Picture this: a 14-year-old boy Kelle spent his day in a dark basement, developing his first website in 1994. Surprisingly, the website he developed was for a big Swedish manufacturing company, with customers from all over the world. Rumours spread quickly, and with the help of his mother, Toxic was born. 

He attended all the business meetings while riding his bicycle, and it didn’t take long for Kelle to employ his first co-workers. Today, the company has grown to over 60 employees. From riding his bike to visit customers and working in his parent's basement at 16 years old, Kelle Ekstrand has grown his business to an international company. Yet, with a remaining young boy’s spirit!

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