From software development to digital agency Yaksa in downtown Montreal

Five years ago, two guys decided to turn their notable software development skills into their own agency. A third Partner joined, and Ucommerce Silver Partner Yaksa has expanded over several years to a thirty employees agency in the centre of Montreal, Canada.


Driven by fairness, partnerships, and well-being

Yaksa’s philosophy is to ensure the best environment for their employees and also apply the approach when working with clients. Yaksa approaches its clients by offering a partnership, so the relationship does not cease with the solution going live. 

Olivier Morency, Web Consultant & Co-Founder from Yaksa jokes that without partnerships, the office would turn into an office full of guys with laptops. Even though the pandemic stood in the way of establishing the maximum bond among employees, Yaksa pays lots of attention to people’s well-being.

It is all about creating an environment where everybody is comfortable working. That’s why they perceive the Partnership model as continuous advisory with the purpose of continually adding value to their clients’ businesses. 


Always up for unusual

Yaksa implemented Ucommerce with an unusual solution – Kloovis. It’s a digital marketplace for construction leftovers, so you can purchase second-hand construction materials and give them a new life.

Yaksa has chosen to work with Ucommerce and Umbraco due to the digital solution setup. Oliver Morency, Web Consultant & Co-Founder, explains that combining two is the most applicable mix for Yaksa. The company is always up for more complex and challenging solutions to deliver an exciting and involving digital home and online store for brands across the world - and the mix of Ucommerce and Umbraco fully supports that goal. Kloovis was no exception.

Soon, you can read more about the Kloovis solution. Stay tuned!


You can become our Partner!

We continuously work on perfecting the Ucommerce product & Partner Program to be lovable by our Partners. Check out the perks of our Partner Program and reach out to the Sales representative by shooting an e-mail. 


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