Silver Partner Suneco: Technology organization with an eye for a custom commerce

In the Hanseatic city of Zwolle, Netherlands, Ucommerce Silver Partner Suneco is located. With over 30 years of experience as a tech specialist, Suneco focuses on custom-made software development & commerce in the Dutch market.


“Where the quality really lives”

Suneco ensures that its clients are supported in the digital transformation process from A to Z. The company crafts websites, webshops, portals, web, and mobile applications – everything that powers the clients' businesses. Partner taps into various clients’ business needs, whether it's cost reduction or improving the bottom line, the tech-organization Suneco always makes sure that end-customer experiences the website as one “where the quality really lives”. 

“Quality requires focus”

Suneco pays attention to positioning itself as a technology organization regarding quality. The company narrowed down its scope of services only to those that can deliver a high-quality project and meet clients’ needs 100%. 

Mike Pino, Managing Partner at Suneco explains: “Our Silver Partnership with Ucommerce fuels the delivery of high-quality tech solutions to end customers.” Ucommerce is a relevant partner for Suneco because the Partnership increases business opportunities in the Dutch market. Moreover, Suneco has an established position in the market as an expert in all the Content Management Systems integrable with Ucommerce: Umbraco, Sitecore, and Sitefinity. 

Working with the integration of e-commerce platforms like Ucommerce enables Suneco’s customers to be independent with its IT projects in the future.

Mike Pino continues: “We have a lot of experience establishing custom-made digital experiences with Sitecore. However, we’re both competent and experienced with the other two CMSs, and we always recommend the systems that fit the client’s needs.”


Suneco decided to become a Ucommerce Partner to complement our offering on digital platforms using Sitecore and Umbraco. Our mindset matches Ucommerce's: Co-create solutions that match our clients’ specific business needs.
Mike Pino Managing Partner at Suneco

Onsite Masterclass Participants

In March, Suneco was among the first international companies hosting Ucommerce for an Onsite Masterclass – and exclusive two-day training for Partners. Ucommerce Solutions Team visited Suneco in The Netherlands to ensure that their developers get all the necessary know-how to become Ucommerce virtuosos – to the project’s and the client’s benefit.

Onsite Masterclass was all about building the webshop from scratch. The participants now have a fully functional store to use as a foundation for future projects. Other vital features covered during the Masterclass are catalog structure, product presentation, prices, promotions, and pipelines. 

Ucommerce: scalable ecommerce

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