Silver Partner Kodexe: Digital to the core

What do you get when you connect coding and execution? You get: Kodexe.

The Swedish digital agency has been around for 25 years and delivers high-quality digital solutions. Ucommerce's Framework First approach ensures that the e-com platform can grow with the customer's online business, which is a part of why Kodexe chose to become a Partner. 

The continuous search for improvement

The partnership between Ucommerce and Kodexe is built on the foundation of high expectations for each other and on the belief that by pushing each other to deliver the best possible outcome, great digital solutions are built.


"We value the Partnership with Ucommerce and also how Ucommerce works with Umbraco. We look forward to building on the Partnership and working even closer together in the future."
Michael Nilsson Pauli Digital Business Pioneer & Owner

With the wish to tailor the solution exactly as their customers want, Kodexe works with Ucommerce as they would with LEGO: a lot of small pieces are assembled in multiple ways, which equals multiple solutions. By working with Ucommerce, the level of flexibility is upheld, and the opportunities are close to endless.  


Innovation, digital expertise and entrepreneurship 

Being part of a team requires space to be who you are. In Kodexe, they see the importance of understanding differences as a key to lifting each other's knowledge. Since 1996 these guys have been doing consultancy and are, safe to say, experts in their field.

Through hard work and dedication, Kodexe delivers solutions not seen before. With the wish to change the world through digital solutions, Kodexe is, as they say, basically never satisfied with the product because they always want to do better and better and better.

Oldie but Goldie

Kodexe is not a new name on the block. The Swedish-based company has worked with some of the Swedish big guns: Ikea and Volvo, to name a few. But what is most important for Kodexe is to be more than just another digital agency - they want to change people's lives through digital solutions. 

We can't wait to get started on that journey with this awesome team of digital experts.

"When something seems to be impossible - that is the start whistle for us"
Michael Nilsson Pauli Digital Business Pioneer & Owner

Are you our new Partner?

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